Zero One

The first thing that you’re going to notice upon entering Sound Lounge Zero One, or as it is stylized on their door #01, is a certain level of sophistication you don’t find many places in this city. The crescent-shaped bar, with its chandelier-like overhang of champagne glasses, is one of the more impressive in town. A presence made even more striking by the huge painted mural behind it, done by talented local street artist, Jack Painton.

This is a sound bar (not a club folks – there’s a difference) and that means there is seating. Just past the bar there is a relaxing chill space where you can hang out and order food and drinks. And while the space is far from mammoth, it is larger than a lot of sound bars in town and it has a relaxed vibe that isn’t cramped or intimidating. In any event you will hardly want to sit down too long, because #01 has one of the most impressively equipped DJs booths in town.

Harayuki Hara, who runs the space is renown for managing other well known clubs in Nagoya and is the genius behind the sound system – which is as good, or better, than any space outside of Tokyo. The set up is so awesome that every local DJ worth mentioning is talking about it.

But even the best sound system is only as good as the DJs, and #01’s lineup is an impressive collection of Nagoya’s best. The genre of music is fluid. Here there is something fr everyone who cares about music.  Resident DJs Ryota and Kojin bring the party-fillers on the weekends, along with some hip-hop flair from turntablist extraordinaire DJ Caujoon. If you prefer reggae, then Tuesdays with the Totalize crew is your destination.

The best chance to check out the new space is on Saturday, July 5, when #01 will play host to the after-party for the Sexy Pool Party. Entry into the Sexy Pool Party gets you in to Zero One FREE after 1:30 where the party will continue til 5:00. (

Sound Lounge Zero-One is located one block down from Club iD, across the street from KG’s Bar.

Sound Lounge Zero One
2F Leisure Center Building
3-12-32 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Tel: (052) 261-3303

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