Your Guide to Halloween In Nagoya


Daniel Ostrander

As Halloween continues to take over October in Japan, navigating your way through the many choices can be as daunting as Dante’s journey through the Hell. But worry not, intrepid party-goer. I will be your Virgil, guiding you through the 9 circles of Helloween in Nagoya. I have such sights to show you.

Even the innocent have a place here. And for those parents stuck in limbo looking for a place to take their little hellions or angels, Shooters in Fushimi has their always popular Kids Halloween on Saturday the 28th from 11:00. It’s a day of family-friendly activities including games, costume parade, candy and an all you can eat buffet. Kids 1 & under are free, ages 1-12 ¥800, 12 and up ¥1,300 and everyone else is ¥1900.
All the succubi and incubi know that the Nagoya Metro Club’s Pre Halloween Get Down is the sexiest party now. Located at Lover:Z in Shinsakae on Saturday the 14th, Aichi’s premier LBGT party does Halloween right with vivacious costumes, salacious floor shows and a dancefloor packed with hot tunes and hotter bods. ¥2500 at the door which includes 2 drinks.

The road to hell is paved with good libations, so make sure you load up on food and drinks before starting out on Saturday the 28th. At 18:00, Power English is throwing their popular Monster Bash at Shooters. For only ¥4,500 yen you will get finger foods and all you can drink until 20:30 (RSVP now for a ¥500 discount). Their costume contest is your first chance to show off that Pennywise costume you’ve been working on all summer. The Rock in Sakae offers a Faustian bargain at their Pre-Halloween Party: food and an open bar from 18:00 to 21:00 for only ¥3,000.

Much like Persephone, if you enjoy the food too much, you might not get the chance to get away from your first party. However, being at Shooters this won’t be a problem as their all-night party Dancing Dead kicks off from 22:00. With DJ Omega creating an inferno on the dancefloor and more food and drinks, this is a great place to wait for the sun to return. Tickets are ¥4,500 at the door, but only ¥3,500 in advance.

It is said that idle hands are the Devil’s playthings. So keep them busy on this night trying to clear that one Battletoads level at Critical Hit, the best video game bar in all of Japan. The devilishly delightful owner Alex is happy to pour you drinks at their affordable happy hour prices all night long if you wear a costume.

Somewhere between the club and bar scenes, the all-new Mexigan in Meieki is throwing a helluva Halloween Party on the 28th with a DJ, belly dancer Luna and a drag queen show featuring the Queen of the Queens herself, Lyra H. Grail. Entry is only ¥1000 and that includes 2 drinks. For almost the entire month of October (excluding the 27th & 28th), if you wear a costume at any OXO or Mexigan, you will receive a 20% discount off your first drink.

The Shinsakae area valiantly perseveres against the horde of Sakae with the Nagoweeeeen Summit. This night of live hip hop acts and club music at Diamond Hall, Spadebox and Heartland will do their damndest to bring in the crowds; a Sisyphean task. Tickets are ¥5,000 at the door or ¥4,000 in advance.

With 5 days of partying and as many dance floors as deadly sins, iD Café in Sakae is legion this Halloween. Starting on Friday the 27th and finishing on Halloween night, with a heavy rotation of DJs and music genres, there’s something to tempt everyone at this week-long festival. ¥2500 at the door.

If your hell is other people than you might want to avoid the Joshidai area of Sakae on October the 28th. Last year’s The Absolute Halloween brought over 3,000 souls to the streets, and this year they promise even more! A single ticket gives you access to 14 distinct parties, including the international crowd at The Rock, live music at GC Live and big club sounds at JB’s. Tickets are ¥4000 on the day, but you can hit up any of the venues right now for advance tickets for only ¥3000.

For fans of the popular 59’s they will be celebrating on the Sunday the 29th from 19:00 to 24:00 with all you can drink for 5 hours only ¥3,500!
As overwhelming as this holiday may seem, it’s made far worse if you are not prepared.

Be safe out there, Nagoya. It’s hell.

Abandon all hope, ye who party here.








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