Win A Free I Love Nagoya Meshi T-Shirt!

Do you love Nagoya Food?
Want to win a free T Shirt that says so?

We are giving away Free I Love Nagoya Meshi T shirts to the first 20 people who send in a Restaurant Recommendation.


1: Must serve local Nagoya food (see list below)
2: Must be between Nagoya Station and Higashiyama Park and The Nagoya Castle area and Atsuta Shrine
3: Tell us why you recommend it in two sentences.

Send your recommendation / shirt size and mailing address to:

Nagoya Food Types:

Misonikomi Udon
Miso Katsu (Pork Cutlet with red miso sauce)
Tebasaki (deep-fried chicken wings)
Ankake Spagetti (Thick spaghetti with sticky sauce and colorful toppings of veggies)
Tenmusu (rice ball with deep-fried shrimp)
Doteni (red miso stewed pork organs)
Teppan Spagetti or called Neapolitan (tomato spaghetti served on a hot pan)
Taiwan Ramen
Miso Oden (hot pot dish with red miso sauce)
Ogura Toast (Toast served with red bean jam)
Ebi Furai (big fried shrimp/prawn)
Curry Udon
Nagoya Cochin Chicken

2 responses to “Win A Free I Love Nagoya Meshi T-Shirt!

  1. Rakusho in Kanayama down the hill behind the Kani Honke crab in a back street , run by a lovely down-to- earth family. An izakaya with chicken wings and miso katsu on the evening menu as well as ebi furai. Fantastic lunches, sashimi teishoku and mixed furai teishoku among others, big portions and really reasonable! A hangout for Dragons fans, players, and ex-players.

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