Why Won’t Anyone Throw Me a Ball? Gaijin Dog Wonders

Rex Stevenson, a golden retriever who moved to Japan when his owner was relocated by his company, has still not had anyone throw a ball for him in the park.

Stevenson, 11, has been taken to Meijo park four times since he arrived in Japan, but not one person has thrown him a ball.

“I’m starting to wonder what the hell is going on here,” said Stevenson. “Back in England, every time we would go to the park my owner would throw a ball for me and I would run after it and bring it back. As a retriever, I obviously enjoyed it, what with the nominative determinism and all, and he seemed to really get into it, too.

“Even if he didn’t have a ball, he would find a stick or something, and we would spend a good hour, him throwing, me bringing it back. It was our thing.”

But those days seem to be behind the pair.

“Now when we go to the park, he doesn’t even take me off the leash, we just walk around, for Dog’s sake! I don’t know how much longer I can put up with it. Mind you, at least he hasn’t got me wearing clothes, like some of the poor mutts I see around here.

“If that happens, he’ll be fetching his own balls, after I’ve bitten them off and buried them in the flower garden.”

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