Where Is The Love?

Coping With Valentines Day in Nagoya

by Daniel Ostrander

I had hoped moving abroad would spare me from so many of the pointless holidays in the States. Unfortunately, Japan, already teeming with nonsensical, indigenous celebrations (Sea Day, really?), has adopted the most inane Greeting-Card-Day that Western culture has to offer. And unlike past years when a cynical and single Danny could forgo the ubiquitous chocolate and pink hearts, now that I am married, there’s no avoiding Valentine’s Day. However, if I have to suffer this day, I damn sure am going to try to find some fun while doing it. And if you feel the same way, here are a few ideas to help keep you from choking Cupid with his own bow.

As much as this day sucks, going it solo could make it exponentially worse. So, as a last ditch effort to circumvent the pity of all the happy couples, you could attend the Nagoya International Speed Dating on February 4th at the Red Rock in Sakae. It’s like normal dating except with amphetamines… or something. I’m not really sure how it works, but it’s very popular and touts a more impressive success rate than Asian Friend Finder. You can get all the details at:

If you need a bit of naughty to ignite your passion, the Nagoya Metro Club does naughty better than anyone. On February 11th, the premiere Gay, Lesbian et al. party returns to Lover:Z in Shinsakae with the always over the top drag queen shows, poll dancers and a music performance from the sultry Ebony. There is always lots of love at the Metro Club, so leave the hate at home.

And if you’re looking for some traditional Valentine’s fare, there’s the Swing Hearts Dance at the Winter Garden Ballroom in Fushimi on Sunday the 12th; a night of live music, dancing and chocolate for couples, singles and families all. Tickets are ¥4000, and include a few drinks and enough cheesecake and sweets to put you in a diabetic coma.
More info on the “Nagoya Swings” Facebook page
The 14th falls on a Tuesday this year, and if you haven’t already made your restaurant/love hotel reservations, you are S.O.L. Unless, that is, you want to shun the clichés and head to Club JB’s for Modern Peace, and dance the night away. Your date will either be impressed with your originality, or jealous of sexy guest DJs Murano and IKU.

And finally, you can’t have Valentine’s Day without flowers, because nothing is more romantic than displaying plant genitalia. And the Nagoya Orchid Gardens has more flowers than anyone. Add to that thousands of pink lights and tacky decorations for their annual Love Illuminations, and the illusion of cheaply produced flora pornography is complete. The display last until March 20th, so you’re covered for White Day as… crap! I forgot about White Day! You’re on your own for that one, Nagoya.

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