Do You Know The Secret?

Well, 2011 proved one thing: Nagoya definitely has a lot of sexy.  And it isn’t afraid to flaunt it, regardless of what the temperature dial has to say about the matter. As snow fell on the chilly streets of Nagoya last February, “Bring Back The Sexy” brought bikinis and summer shorts back into style, if only for a night, making the weather wonder if it had the wrong month. The carefree, sexy throng asserted its rightful place in mid-winter, breaking the spell of shivery monotony and bringing back a taste of a better times to come. A sexy new scene was born.

Now it’s 2012, and if the Mayans have it right, this is our last year of basking in the brilliance of that great yellow orb in the sky (Kazuhide would no doubt tell us it’s red, but until he can back that up with a kickass bikini party, who really cares?). And that sounds to us like a good enough excuse to PARTY like there’s no tomorrow!

Which begs the question, after all the fun we’ve had getting thing’s going in 2011what’s next? Well that would be a super special event which we’re calling “The Secret Sexy”. What’s secret about it? Well we’re glad you asked… but we’re NOT going to tell you!

What we can say is this. If you enjoyed “Bring Back The Sexy”, “Heat Up The Sexy” and the massive “The Sexy Halloween Party” you know you can expect a fun, easygoing crowd as well as solid sounds brought to you by Nag’s most innovative turntable terrorists. DJ’s dij, Junk and PauloAtNight will be pushing the envelope to provide a sexy, innovative musical experience. They’re breaking out the big guns for this one.

Want more? Well “Enslaved Sexy” stars Aki, Yui and Aya of The Sexy Halloween will return for a second term of incarceration in the Cages of a Thousand Hip Gyrations. They may have pissed Santa off and gotten slapped with some parking fines to boot, but are keen to repay their debt to society for The Sexy crowd.

Gravity-defying sexy will also be on display as The Sexy’s favorite pole dancers, Kumi and Yuki will perform a secret, specialy choreographed routine. Sexy virgins and veterans alike will be stupefied at the dynamic, athletic repertoire of these highly dedicated artistes. Please remember to pick your eyeballs and jaws up off the floor following the performance. This one is for the history books kids.

And then there’s that tantalizingly elusive mystery behind the Secret Sexy. Just what the hell is that all about anyway? Well we could tell you what it is, but then we’d have to bind and gag you until January 14th. And while that’d be fun, we’re actually using all our duct tape getting ready for the actual event. OUCH! But we like to tease – so here’s a little slap and a tickle…

Come as sexy as you DARE! You could win an iPod Nano!

Why? Because part of the secret surprise is YOU. We’ll be on the lookout for people with sexy outfits, sexy moves, and a sexy attitude on the night. Dress to kill, dance to destroy, bring that bling, and you could be the chosen one and win an iPod nano!

Get ready for the Sexy Style Contest at 22:10, with iPod Nano prizes for the crowd’s favorite Sexy Girl and Sexy Guy!

How do you win? Easy! Dress sexy, and have a couple of sexy moves ready to bust for the crowd!

ザセクシースタイルコンテストが22:10から開催。iPod Nano賞品が皆さんの声によって選ばれた男女1名ずつに与えられます!


Sign up as “Going” on the event facebook page, arrive when doors open and get a FREE T-Shirt!

One more thing. We will be giving away a free “私は ザ セクシー”(Watashi Wa The Sexy) T-shirt to anyone who buys their ticket online. These shirts are only given away to The Sexy party attendees.

We are  giving away free shirts to the first 30 people through the door on the night of the event. To be eligible you need to be listed as “going” on The Secret Sexy event Facebook page. You can also be sure to get one by surfing over to and purchase your ticket online. When you buy your ticket you will be asked to note your shirt size. You’ll be put on the V.I.P. list and you can pick up your shirt at the door.

Are you The Sexy?

You’ll only know if you come!

The Sexy has spoken. Sexy peace, out!

The Secret Sexy

January 14th, 2012

Gen’s 2nd 19:00 ~ 23:00


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