What should I do if I lose my resident card?

This month we start a new advice column for foreigners who have questions about Japanese law and complying with various governmental regulations. The answers are provided by GLocals, a local legal specialist who assists foreigners in dealing with various questions they have about living and working in Japan.

I lost my resident card when I was traveling outside of Japan. I am a mid-long term resident. Can I re-enter Japan without carrying my resident card?


Dear Johan,
When you loose your resident card you must go to a Regional Immigration Bureau to apply for your card to be re-issued. You cannot apply by mail because you must apply and receive a new card in person. However if you cannot go yourself a family member or immigration lawyer is allowed to apply on your behalf.

When you re-enter Japan, you are not legally obligated to present your residence card at immigration control. However, at the same time, you are obligated to carry a residence card at all times. So in this eventuality you should apply for a replacement card as soon as possible.

I recently gave birth to a baby girl. I am wondering what to do first? Should I apply for resident status for my newborn at the Regional Immigration Bureau, or should I submit the birth notification to a municipal office?


Dear Caley,
Congratulations on your new baby!
When you go about formalizing documents related to the birth of a child in Japan it is advised that you give the birth notification to a municipal office first.

This is because submission of birth notification should be done within 14 days of birth, and the application to acquire resident status should be made within 30 days of birth.

There is no rule as to which should be done first, but a document proving the birth (such as a certificate of acceptance of birth notification (“z”) is required when applying for resident status at a Regional Immigration Bureau.

In addition, once a copy of the certificate of residence is submitted, it is anticipated that you will have fulfilled your obligation to report the address of your new-born to the municipal office.

Lastly, make sure to report the birth to the Embassy or Consulate of your own country in Japan.

Best wishes for your baby’s happy future!


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