What is this Sexy Pirate Bus and how do I get on the damn thing?

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How do I Participate?

So you’ve seen the ads and all the promotion about “The Sexy Pirate Bus” but you are probably saying… Aye this looks like a fetching enterprise… but errr… what exactly is it and how can I catch a ride. Well here’s the skinny…

What is It?

A pub crawl but with buses that continuously circle the city. A bus arrives at each participating bar every 30 minutes.

Where is it?

Everywhere. Well almost. It is happening simultaneously at Shooter’s, Elephant’s Nest, The Coat of Arms, Mexigan, BJ, The 59’s.


When is it?

Friday September 13, from 7 pm to 1 am.

Where do I get on the bus?

You can get on at any of the participating bars at any time.

What is it

A bus crawl. Didn’t I say that?

But I mean what do I do?

You get a free shot at each bar you “sail” to. A bus picks you up at one bar and drops you off at the next one. Once you get to all the bars you turn into a pirate.

So the bus takes me to six bars, one every 30 minutes and I get a free shot at each one?

Yes. But you can get on the bus whenever you want to go to the next bar. Buses run from 7 pm to 1 am.

Where do I get my tickets and how much do they cost?

You can purchase one from any of the sexy Pirates wearing a pirate hat and carrying a big “SEXY PIRATE” sign. If you sign up on www.thesexy.jp you can get a V.I.P. discount for ¥2,000 (Show your ticket to the pirate at whichever venue you start at) Otherwise a ticket to join the bus crawl will cost you ¥2,500.

I need more information. I still don’t get it.

Never mind. You should stay home.

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