Are You ザ セクシー? Get The T-Shirt!

Are you ザ セクシー? If you like a friendly crowd, cage dancers, pole dancers, an A-list DJ lineup, a haunted house, TWO iPad prizes and more! then the answer well may be YES!

What is “The Sexy”

The Sexy is a collaboration between NAGMAG and Super Eight Productions. They happen four times a year.

Ok but what is “The Sexy”

It’s the name of the event. You know like “Bring Back The Sexy”, “Heat Up The Sexy”…

Isn’t that grammatically incorrect. “Sexy” is not a noun, it’s an adjective.

It may be an adjective to some people in this town but to us it is a noun, a verb, and a whole lot of other things rolled into one!

How is The Sexy Halloween different?

Well there are a few surprises –  but I can tell you that this is not just a big loud crowd getting drunk. This is an “event” not just a party. Cage dancers, pole dancers, a Haunted house as well as some of the town’s most respected and popular DJ’s. Also it is female friendly and lots of women want to go to a party where they can have fun and not get hassled.

I heard you are giving away “私は ザ セクシー”
(I am The Sexy) T-shirts. How can I get one?

Go to facebook and click “attending” on The Sexy Halloween event page by Friday Oct 28th. If you are one of the first 30 people through the door at the party who are on that list you will get a free shirt! Courtesy of Sweatshop Union

What time does it start?
It all kicks off at 9 pm on Saturday Oct 29th! at Gen’s 2nd next to Sakae Exit #9. See you there!

The Sexy Halloween
At Gen’s 2nd (Sakae Exit 9)
Saturday Oct. 29th from 21:00 til 5:00


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