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Can you here the Dizi calling; calling you to explore the mysterious, alluring land of funky watermelons, imperial eunuchs, Daoist zombies, and a bar located in the dark depth of an old communist bomb shelter? Then it’s high time for you to pack your bags, muster up your incorrigible spirit of adventure, and grab Unitour’s super great deal on a flight to China’s mysterious Red Capital, Beijing.

Well, of course you’re going to want to see the Great Wall. It’s a phenomenal monument of human achievement; I mean really, you can see that baby from space! But you are a seeker of more unique experiences. You seek the road less traveled. We love that path, too! Let NAGMAG be your guide.

If you thought those cubic watermelons that you so often see being sold by specialty shops here in Japan, then you may just juice over the Watermelon Museum in Da Xing, just out side the city of Beijing. Here you’ll find yourself enraptured by a sea of pink fruit and black seeds, featuring information on, poetry about, expert tips regarding, and statues commemorating – you guessed it – watermelons! It may sound a bit silly, but trust us, it’s cool.

Now, for you seekers of the strange, here is something that will leave most of you – well you guys anyway – reaching for your groin in phantom agony. The city of Beijing is home to the Eunuch Museum. For those of you who aren’t already in the know about this, eunuchs were the (unfortunate?) men back in China’s good ol’ days who, in the interest of guarding the emperor’s harem or acting as an imperial official, underwent the not-so-trivial operation of having their beans removed from their frank, so to speak. With displays of ancient dildos and an extremely disturbing statue illustrating the castration process, Beijing’s Eunuch Museum will not disappoint.

So, when’s the last time someone told you to go to hell? After you’ve explored Dongyue’s Daoist Hell you can grin and tell them you’ve already been. In the Dongyue Temple, located on Chaoyangmen Wai, the chilling focus is on the Daoist religion’s ideas regarding the afterlife. A courtyard surrounded by dozens of statues depicting animistic gods, forest spirits, zombies, and grotesque scenes of tortured sinners makes for a recipe of a truly a unique flavor that those who thirst for the macabre will gulp down with delight.

After all the spine-tingling excitement you’ll endure in the magnificent city of Beijing, you may decide that you travel weary bones could use a drink, perhaps a strong one. That be the case, we recommend that you check out that which is with out a doubt the most unique drinking establishment in the Red Capital, the famous bomb shelter bar: Red Capital Residence. Entering through a concealed ornamental rock in the courtyard, you the descend down a terrifying dark and winding staircase to enter the claustrophobic, kitsch laden bar where you’ll find vintage Red China military apparel and Red China-themed drinks; by far the coolest bar in Beijing.

So, if all this has tapped into your spirit of adventure, then give Unitour a call now. They’ve currently got specials to Beijing starting at ¥35, 910. Golden Week is right around the corner, so now is the time to make your reservations. And don’t forget that Unitour can set up the necessary visas and have them sent to your doorstep via express mail. Contact Unitour and enjoy your adventures in the red gem of China, Beijing.  For more info on great rates to China visit: www.unitour.co.jp

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