Waves: Sweet Chili Pineapple Burger

Remember that meme where you tag a mate who likes pineapple on their pizza? Well no one tagged me. The reason? I detest pineapple on pizza. In fact I hate pineapple in any cooked food. If there were to be an upcoming election on cooked pineapple, you’d see me wearing a ‘Make Food Pineappleless Again’ cap. Or, at least that was once the case…

You see, today I was given Sweet Chilli Pineapple Burger and it absolutely blew my mind. As I bit into the 100% Kobe beef patty, so juicy was the meat that it literally exploded in my mouth. Literally. But it wasn’t just juiciness that got me so hot under the collar, but rather the combination of the slab of freshly sliced pineapple – no tins were harmed in the making of this burger – and the lashings of spicy sweet chilli. Surely never before has the blending of sweetness and piquancy operated at such a phenomenal level. Tag a friend who likes pineapple on their burger? Tag me the hell up!

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