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Considering that we just had a gym on the cover, we thought it was time to feature another burger. Havings said that, Waves Burger isn’t just “another burger”. Here’s why:

Waves’ burgers are the culmination of a whopper of an effort. Their chef, with over ten years of burger-building experience, is from Tokyo, and the Waves team visited Hawaii to sample (literally) hundreds of different burgers to find out what makes the perfect bite. And in my opinion, they’ve done a damn good job.

We sampled two Double Waves Cheeseburgers, one with extra avocado, and one with pineapple and thick-cut bacon. My impression? After my first bite, my eyes kind of glazed over… for a moment, I wasn’t in Nagoya, but back in New Zealand chowing down on a gourmet burger.

That’s what makes Waves’ burgers so special. It’s obvious that they haven’t made any compromises to fit the Japanese idea of what a burger should be. It’s a bold attitude, that comes across in all of their efforts.
These are real, gourmet burgers.

So, what makes a Waves burger tick?

The selection of ingredients is discerning to say the least: The patties are made from grilled Kobe beef, giving them a subtle and delicate flavor. The salad, an often overlooked component of a burger, is excellent. The vegetables are fresh and flavorful – no watery, tasteless lettuce here! A side salad is also included, and the variety of vegetables is great.

In addition to burgers, Waves also offers other Hawaiian favorites like Garlic Shrimp cooked with low-cholestrol 100% coconut oil. On the drink side, their smoothies are out of this world. Made with frozen fresh pineapple, mango, lemon, and orange and served in trendy jars, they are sweet – but a natural, real kind of sweetness.

If I had to sum up Waves in a a word, I’d say “real” is a good choice. From the breezy, obviously Hawaiian-inspired (without being forced or garish) shop decor to the gourmet burgers and other tasty menu items, Waves is the real deal. Give Waves a try – I promise it will be the first visit of many.

To celebrate their grand opening this July, Waves is offering an impressive happy hour special – 50% off unlimited drinks on their menu as long as you buy a burger. Unlike the watering hole that rhymes with pub, the special doesn’t end at 7pm – so you can enjoy  cheap drinks any time after 3pm Monday to Friday.

Waves Nagoya Station South is a short walk from Nagoya Station. Walk along Meieki-dori past Midland Square and the Spiral Towers, then turn left where the road forks. Walk until you get to a 7-11; Waves is next door.

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