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Gaba is looking for instructors

Gaba, a nationwide network of English-learning studios, is looking for instructors. We took a moment to ask them about their schools and how you can apply.
What kinds of schedules do the teachers have at your schools?
Gaba’s Instructors choose their own schedules each month, so they have a lot of freedom over their time. With this comes control over one’s income – open a larger schedule to increase your income, or shrink it down to increase your free time.

Our Instructors can fit their schedules around their  hobbies and interests, and customize their income to suit your life in Japan. Independence is a key word for us here at Gaba –  it’s a trait we look for in our Instructors, and the cornerstone of our booking and scheduling system.  Our Instructors have a large degree of influence over their income each month, choosing a schedule/ income balance that suits their life in Japan.

What is Gaba’s teaching method like?

Gaba makes use of a Communicative Language Method (CLT) approach to teaching, and within that we have a deliberate emphasis on spoken output from our clients. Clients have ample opportunity to practice using the language they learn in real-life type activities. All lessons are 1-to-1, which means that lessons are tailored for clients based on their unique individual needs, goals, and preferences. For Instructors, this adds a high level of diversity in the teaching experience, as no two lessons are alike.

Where are your locations in Nagoya?

Gaba currently has 2 Learning Studios where lessons are conducted in Nagoya: 1 located close to Nagoya Station and the other nearby Sakae Station, making them both very accessible via main subway lines. Each studio differs slightly in terms of aesthetics and clientele; Nagoya having more business-focused clients and Sakae having slightly more casual learners. Much like all our other Learning Studios, they are both designed with ease and comfort in mind for both Instructors and our clients alike.

How do people apply?

Applications are done online, via our website. Submitting an application won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Applicants who are successful in moving beyond the initial application stage will be contacted shortly after with more information about the next steps. Interviews are both conducted in person at one of our locations, or remotely via phone / video call.

What are the requirements for applying for a position at Gaba?

Applicants are expected to possess a native level of English proficiency, regardless of ethnic or national background. Relevant English teaching experience, TEFL/TESOL qualifications, customer-service experience in Japan, or experience working in corporate settings are all beneficial. Visa sponsorship is available, you will be able to speak with a recruiter about this if this applies to you. More information about requirements and expectations are available on our recruitment site.

For more information about Gaba’s teaching positions, locations, and the application process, visit their website: www.gabateachinginjapan.com

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