Want to go to The Philippines?


Sunshine, sandy beaches, fruity cocktails, and bikini clad beach bunnies… Is that what’s on your mind? Not quite able to get that particular fancy tickled here in chilly, gray Nagoya? Then get the hell outta here!! Golden Week is right around the corner, so help yourself out of that heavy, cumbersome winter coat, and get into a pair of open-toe sandals and find a tank-top to match.

Perhaps now you’re scratching your head and thinking, “But where should I take my wakame-weary butt this year?” Well, how about the Philippines! They’ve got all those aforementioned paradise perks along with an atmosphere of jungle/island adventure to titillate your wild side and enough English speakers to keep you feeling right at home.

List toppers for Philippine travel destinations a certainly a plenty, but here are NAGMAG’s favorites:

Siquijor – Known as the Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire) by Spanish explores of days long ago, Siquijor has an atmosphere of mystery and magic for native Filipinos.  Smallest of the Central Visayas provinces, this idyllic little island is dotted with laid-back beach resorts. An excellent opportunity to kick back and enjoy a bit of island life.

Malapascua Island – Long white beaches, great food and a marine sanctuary for scuba diving! Need we say more? A fun-in-the-sun playground with stunning views and enough aquatic wildlife to make Sebastian the crab shake his maracas. Dive in!

Boracay – You know it, you love it… Boracay!! Teeming with beach resorts, bars and bunnies, this is the place for you all you bacchanalian party-goers to get your drink and tan on!  Hold ‘em high!  Cheers!

So, have we convinced you to emigrate yet? Well, maybe those wheels are at least turning in the direction of allowing yourself a well deserved holiday. Give our friends at Unitour a shout. They’ll get you all set up with the best travel package for you and your crew, and even set up the necessary visas. See ya on the beaches!

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