Vinny Vintage Runnin’ Outta Air

Seems like I was a much better boy last year than I thought, cause Santa dropped some hot beats in my stocking in the form of the long-awaited debut album of Vinny Vintage, Runnin’ Outta Air (or R.O.A. for his daughter). But perhaps Better Late Than Never would be a more appropriate title. Nagoya has been waiting for this album since he first exploded onto the scene way back in 2010. Still, it’s here, so let’s give it a listen, shall we?

From the pressing of play, this full-length album shows just how much Vinny has grown since his debut single In & Out. Unfortunately, that suggestive track sounds a bit out of place surrounded by so many of his recent efforts which are rich in production and guest stars. The opening title track, with its sweeping orchestration and beautiful backup provided by Sonia, is a warning shot from Mr. Vintage: this is serious. And, BAM, the beat drops in track number two, I’m Back, a straight up call-out to all haters with an intimidating message to “stay outta the way”. The taunting chorus is a reminder to all other MCs why he is called The Butcher, and you do not want to be on his block.

Not just a fighter, Close 2 U is for the ladies. It’s probably the only lover track on R.O.A. that won’t make your momma blush, which may have something to do with MA$A’s beautiful Japanese bridge that defies translation. Still, Vinny got famous with his not-safe-for-radio rhymes, and Wet is sure to give some parents pause as they worry what an “oo-oo” is and why it’s wet. But don’t worry, momma, Vinny manages his seduction, as well as the entire album, without need of an Explicit Content tag.

One of my favorite highlights on this album, of which there are many, is the debut of fresh-faced R&B sensation Chriz Jay on Da Way U Move. His vocals help smooth out this track into a must-have for all DJs. And I cannot speak of Vinny’s dance-floor-worthy tracks without mentioning the Latin-themed Twerk, which defies its best-if-played-by title with a rhythm that will have them grinding in the club long after “twerk” finally leaves our lexicon.

Runnin’ Outta Air is a strong debut from an artist that’s been around for a while, which doesn’t detract from the effort but reinforces why Vinny is at the top of the Nagoya hip hop scene. Last year was a big one for Vinny, playing some of the biggest parties and starting side project, We Are The Party. But with the release of this LP, it’s safe to say that 2014 is the year of the Butcher.

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