Utsushi is Utsukushi @ the Aichi Arts Center (until 3/25)

Many of the items we see today are “copied products” coins and notes, photographs, and  recorded music are just a few examples of things which are reproduced on a large scale. Today we live in a computerized society and it’s becoming more common and easier to copy things in everyday life.

Especially in the arts people tend to place importance on originality. However, there are cases where new ideas and new modes of expression are created through the act of “Copying”.

The Utsushi is Utsukushi exhibition, which takes place from February 3rd through March 25th at the Aichi Arts Center, shows some creative pieces that were born through copying other artwork.

The exhibition includes Japanese paintings, oil paintings, wood-block prints, copper plate drawings, carvings and their prototypes and also some of the tools like press machines in order to introduce the techniques used to copy them.

The exhibit allows you to compare this “copied” art with its original. The aim is to show you how these artworks have evolved through being copied and to open your eyes to these creative and rich replications.

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