November 22 - 24, 2019

  • Friday, November 22nd: 18:00 Saturday, November 23rd: 13:00 and 18:00 Sunday, November 24th: 13:00 and 17:00
  • ¥2,500 pre-sale and ¥3,000 at the door.

November 22. 23 and 24 at You Square Nagoya near Meijo Koen


People in cages! Families torn apart! Forced labor! Millions imprisoned! Are we talking about Trumpian times and the current news cycle?

Actually we’re talking about August 1945. Conditions are extreme, and nobody in Japan knows the war is about to end, certainly not the 32,000 Allied P.O.W.s and civilians locked up in over 200 camps across the home islands of Japan. As none of these camps are marked, we’re talking about “Unmarked.”

Over 95 percent of the sites remain unmarked today, and after the rescue the Allied Forces felt such a prevailing need to turn Japan into an ally in the Far East to counter the growing Cold War threat, and to chill the animosity already felt at home, these prisoners stories were classified until the 1970’s. Imagine undergoing such a harrowing ordeal and not being allowed to talk about it. “Unmarked” is their story.

Aichi Vision has put together a great cast and crew to bring to light these incredible stories with their inherent violence and high conflict, but also love, friendship and the search for the meaning of life. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Joe Sichi vehicle without a drinking scene, so there’s one of those too.

The cast has done a great job of creating characters, and confronting some of the harsher mindsets of the 1940’s, including the racist attitudes of the times, and the deprivation and violence inherent in wartime. As many scenes depict those historical facts, this play is for adults only. Aichi Vision invites you to come out and see what happens when nine plucky prisoners are locked up in a small camp with their Japanese captors.

To recreate the feeling of the war era, Aichi Vision is, as always, working with local artists to showcase local talent. Included in this tale are original musical compositions by Stiv Pek and Stephen Pottinger, A burlesque performance by La Bamboo Vixen, and a lovely number in the cabaret scene by Leah Turner. Aichi Vision has also been lucky to have the wonderfully intense photography of Geoff Griggs to help with the production.

Tickets are available from all cast and crew, and at The Rock in Sakae and Shooters in Fushimi. Aichi Vision and the cast and crew hope to see you there.



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