Under The Bridge
October 6, 2019

This Music and Art Festival is Coming to Wakamiya Plaza Sunday October 6

Mike Bagley is the owner of MB Prints, a drummer, and until recently a live house manager (more on that later) who has been a stalwart supporter of locally-made music for well over a decade. Pete Lyons, a fellow musician and lead singer of Game Over Humans, sat down with him to discuss Mike’s latest project; ‘Under the Bridge Nagoya’ – an outdoor live music and art event.

P: Could you tell me a little more about the event?

M: There will be a large stage with all the equipment to support full-band live music with a mix of genres including rock as well as tents set up where local artists will be displaying their work. There will be vendors (Shooters are on board) providing food and beverages. Hopefully, by the end of August I’ll be able to release the names of the artists involved. It’s a daytime event near Yaba-cho station on October 6th from 11am til 6pm, and best of all it’s free!

P: Wow, free!? How can you cover costs? Are you doing this all on your own?

M: I’m not doing this to make money. I felt the best way for bands and artists to get the most exposure was to make it a free event for everyone to enjoy. I also want people who are passing by to stop and check it out. There are also a number of sponsors including Imagine Design, NAGMAG, Shooters and the artists themselves who have helped soften the blow on my bank balance. Also, Absolute Halloween has donated their lighting rig to give it all a professional feel.

P: Why did you go with the name ‘Under the Bridge Nagoya’?

M: Apart from the obvious RHCP reference, it was all to do with the location. It will be at Wakamiya Plaza which is a small park under the highway between Sakae and Osu shopping area.

P: The much-loved live house GC LIVE has recently closed its doors for good and I know you were heavily involved in recent years. Is it just a coincidence that this event is happening now?

M: The idea has existed for a long time while GC’s doors were still open, but I guess the heartache spurred me into action, but this is in no way a farewell party for GC.

P: You also wore a T-shirt at this year’s Walkathon that said “Nomusicathon” as a light-hearted protest at the lack of live music. Was that another motivating factor?

M: For sure! I thought it was a real shame that bands were not playing after the walk this year, for 27 years it had been a music festival. It used to be something not dissimilar to what I’m planning.

P: You described it as an event that “brings the international and local communities together for a day of entertainment”, how does this event hope to achieve that?

M: Music is a common language. The artists involved will not only be Japanese or English-speakers, but I’m also hoping to reach out to the Brazilian community by involving one or two of their bands. I have always believed that music transcends boundaries of race and nationality.

P: So, if I’m free on October 6th, why should I come to Under the Bridge Nagoya?
This is one of the only opportunities you might have to see a bunch of local bands and artists together in one place FOR FREE!

Under the Bridge Nagoya will be held at Wakamiya Plaza near Yaba-cho station on Sunday, October 6th from 11am-6pm.

For more details check Facebook

And the event website:


Google Map: Wakamiya Plaza


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