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1. Booty …but not the kind you were hoping for. “You see, Gentlemen of fortune like ourselves, we make money, and a lot of it.” Despite Long John’s assertions, pirates of yore weren’t often chasing treasure across the oceans. The hold of a pirate galley was filled with plunder, but of the more mundane variety: water, food, alcohol, weapons and clothing. Things take on a more sinister turn when we look at the Barbary pirates. During the 17th century alone, more than a million people were ‘pirated’ from European seaside towns and sold into slavery by crews hailing from the North African coast. In 1544, turkish Hayreddin Barbarossa raided the Italian Island of Ischia. By the time help came from the mainland, they were stunned to find that Hayreddin and his crew had taken 4,000 prisoners, and enslaved over 9,000 others. One thing they didn’t find was…

2. Buried Treasure Hang on, this one has to be true, right? In a time before fixed rate bonds and tax-free, variable rate cash ISAs, where better to invest your gold doubloons that 6 feet underground on a desert island in a big wooden chest? ‘X’ marks the spot, make a map and come back in 20 years to reap the rewards, right? Wrong. There were only three guys foolish enough to try this, and in each case the treasure was almost immediately dug up by the crew, stolen, or used against them as evidence in criminal court. The really should have seen that coming, only…

3. Eyepatches When you’re putting together your pirate costume for the Sexy Halloween, what separates the swabs from the seadogs is an authentic, crusty eye patch. “We live rough, and risk a swingin’, but when the cruise is done, it’s hundreds o’ pounds a-linin’ our pockets. And then we eat like potentates and drink like the laughin’ gods.” In spite of the excesses of pirate life, after a few years on the high seas you’ll expect to have shed a couple of pounds. Look at any pirate crew worth their salt and you’ll find peg legs, hooks and eye patches aplenty. But pull back the patch and you won’t find an empty socket. In reality, eye patches were used to keep one eye adjusted to the dark when raiding enemy ships. Your eyes will take a few minutes to fully adjust from sunlight to darkness. You can try it yourself – just cover your eye with your hand for a few minutes, then walk into a dark cupboard. When you’re running above and below decks, chasing down the remainders of the scurvy enemy crew, the last thing you want is to trip over a treasure chest and fall on your cutlass because you’re half blind from the sun.

4. Arrrrr! This one’s for those of you who practiced their ‘Maritime Pidgin English’ on September 19th. That’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day for the rest of us. The piratical “Arrrr!” was actually popularised by the actor Robert Newton when he played the role of Long John Silver in the much loved 1950 version of Treasure Island. He was trying to emulate a West Country accent, failed, and instead landed an iconic spot in the annals of pop-culture that will has far outlived his performance. So now you’re ready to step out into the streets of Nagoya, armed to the brisket with juicy pirate facts, and hold this city of landlubbers to account. All that said and done, rest assured that our show Treasure Island will be laden with all the very best stereotypes, inaccuracies and misconceptions. So raise the main sail, go to or talk to a member.

All that said and done, rest assured that our show Treasure Island will be laden with all the very best stereotypes, inaccuracies and misconceptions. So raise the main sail, go to or talk to a member of cast or crew, and spend a couple of doubloons on an well earned evening of hearty pirate fun, action, treachery and adventure!

Discounts available for children and groups of 10 or more. Please contact for more details.

October 11th (Fri) 6:30pm /10月11日(金)18時30分
October 12th (Sat) 2pm & 6:30pm /10月12日(土)14時&18時30分
October 13th (Sun) 2pm & 6pm /10月13日(日)14時&18時

Electric Cultural Center, Fushimi
電気文化会館 イベントホール
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¥4,000 general/一般 (当日/door ¥4,500)
¥3,000 student/学生 (当日/door ¥3,500)

BUY ONLINE/ オンライン販売 (ON SALE NOW/発売中)



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