$treet $ymphony by Ari

Originally from New York, local musician Ari worked in both the music and film industries of America and Europe before bringing his dulcet voice to Japan. He’s worked alongside Aichi fame such as Vinny Vintage and co-founded the local supergroup, The Eklypse Band. And now he’s got a new record that you’re going to want to hear.

$treet $ymphony is an exceptional collection of music, each track an illustration of his wide range as a performer. There’s a lot to enjoy here, but the track Fancied U stands above the rest. A superb pop track with a catchy melody and sing-along lyrics; it’s just begging for the karaoke treatment. FM Aichi please take notice: it’s already seeing radio rotation (yes, that’s still a thing) in the bigger cities, and deserves airplay here as well.

It’s worth mentioning that Ari shows a veteran’s understanding of his key audience, performing several of his tracks in perfect Japanese. However, it’s his English rewrite of Yo Hitoto’s famous ballad Hanamizuki that is certain to earn the most local love. Extra points to local guitar-guru Takashi Terada for adding the perfect ambience to this already beautiful acoustic cover.

There’s plenty dance club ammunition here as well. Tracks like Loosen Up give the crowd something to bounce to, while Party Machine would easily fit into any Top 40 mix. This is the best locally produced album in a long time, thanks in part to the masterful production done over at KPB Studios.

You can get the newest single Loosen Up on iTunes now. And you can hear the rest of the album live when Ari performs at Links Bar in Sakae on Valentine’s Day as part of his birthday celebration.

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