Train Bingo

One of the marvelous things about Japan is its efficient and extensive public transportation network. Although reliable, clean and safe, riding the rails here is not without quirks – or quirky passengers. At first sight, all aboard seems orderly. Look closer around you, however, and cracks start to show in this well-oiled system. The behavior of a few breeds of annoying people threatens the comfort of your ride, while other sightings are an “only in Japan” phenomenon.

To help pass the time for frazzled commuters like you, we’ve designed a special bingo game. The board is without traditional numbers or vocabulary words, but the rules remain the same as to how grandma plays in the retirement home, or Japanese students play in English class. Be the first to spot any four featured squares in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, and you’re the big winner. Simple as that.

So sharpen your pencil, grab a friend (or the nearest salaryman), rush onto the train (mind the doors), and let the games begin!

Dowload A PDF for print-out HERE

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