Tiger Lily BBQ Market: Pulled Pork Sandwich

Listen up friends, ‘cause I ain’t lyin. I know from pulled pork. You simply aren’t going to find a sandwich like this without getting on a plane.

Now somewhere out there is a pedant who want’s to know why we are showcasing a pulled pork sandwich in a feature about burgers. Well because they gave it to us dammit, and we ate it before they could change their damn minds! DELICIOUS!

Back this puppy up to your mouth and enjoy the sweet yet sour coleslaw dressing as well as a yummy sesame seed bun. Also did I mention there is half a garden in this sando? Of course the star is the slow smoked pulled pork which is outstanding.

Tiger Lily is famous for authentic smoked meat including their steaks and excellent baby back ribs. They do everything in house over an authentic pit BBQ. Add to all this awesomness with a serious craft beer selection including some you won’t find anywhere – like Green Flash, Sierra Nevada and Stone. More steaks coming on their soon to be updated menu!

Tiger Lily
1-207 Sakuta, Nagakute City
Mon-Fri 13:30~15:00, 18:00~24:00 Sat, Sun & Nat Hol 11:30~24:00
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