Thirteen Dead in Nagoya Escalator Incident

An escalator accident in Nagoya’s Takashimaya Department Store has killed thirteen people and seen scores more injured.

Eyewitnesses state that the incident occurred when an old man, Shinji Yoshikawa, from Tokyo, stood on the right side of the escalator and a teenager tried to push past him.

“The young man was in a hurry and wanted to get past, but the ojisan refused to move, claiming that he was on the correct side, and that everyone else was in the wrong,” said eyewitness Mai Nishida. “The boy tried to squeeze past, but he ended up pushing over a person on the left side, causing a domino effect.”

“They toppled down one flight of escalator stairs, causing the people on the next, and then the next, and then the next to fall,” said a visibly shaken Kana Nagata. “Of course, everyone was holding the rail, but as they were holding with their left hand, they lost their grip. It was an absolute bloodbath.”

Police arrested Yoshikawa, but released him without charge.

“Yoshikawa-san was obviously in the wrong by going against the rules of the escalator,” said Sargent Ito of Nakamura-ku koban. “However, his reasoning that standing on the left side of the escalator, holding with most people’s weakest hands is ridiculous… Well, it’s a pretty sound argument.”

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