The Women’s Showcase
November 11, 2017

The Women’s Showcase is an opportunity to escape the isolation many (female) expats might experience during their stay in Nagoya. An evening to empower women and create a network based on mutual support and respect, together with anyone who wants to participate – not excluding, but welcoming men instead.

It is about music, art and local businesses. This is how Darian Gore, Singer/Songwriter from Texas, who played a big part in the organization of this Showcase and who will also participate herself, describes the event that will happen on November 11th, a Saturday night, at the Plastic Factory.

Around 10 female artists from six different countries, newcomer to vets, who all found their way to Nagoya because of different reasons will be participating.
What matters is they came together, they planned this showcase, and on that Saturday night they will show us how much a supportive community of artists can achieve and create. You’ll be able to enjoy a huge variety of music, from Live-Made Beats to Indie Rock by Yuki Angel (Japan), J!n (Egypt), Coleen Wickdahl (Canada) and more. And if you prefer to SEE art rather than hearing it, there is Glitch Witch Amy Nyanpi from the US, who creates beauty from chaos while she manipulates photos with a self-written program.

The combination of different genres, artforms, personalities and nationalities makes this Showcase a perfectly good reason to leave the house on a windy November night and to skip the edamame/beer-filled izakaya. Enjoy a night full of potential and creativity. Be a part of the first of many upcoming Women’s Showcases.

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