The Texas Burger: BJ American Dining Bar

I thought I’d tried everything. That I’d reached that stage of life where it was time to start living vicariously through the joy of discovery that existed only in my culinary past. I’d even started coming my hair over. Then I discovered the Texas Burger at BJ. Not to be confused with a Texas Burger AND a BJ. But actually, that’s not a bad idea…hang on three minutes while I digress… OK, I’m back. What’s that you say? That was only 2 minutes? Whatevs, dude.

Choosing this burger as your evening meal is right on so many levels. Not only can you relax and enjoy visual distractions like a spot of bar-top pole dancing and flair bar-tending, but this burger really hits the spot. Seriously, I order this baby more often than I call my girlfriend.

In the spirit of the establishment’s American Dining theme, the Texas Burger with plenty fries, is a decent size. In addition to a quality, chunky beef patty, bacon is also all over this party in your mouth. A thick slice of tomato with pickles and lettuce keep those fire-charred bites just hydrated enough. But the coup de grace, the thing that really sets this baby apart from the rest, is the mouth-watering, brown sautéed onions.

They seal the deal with a sweet, satisfying, BBQ’d-till-my-eyebrows-were-gone flavour and aroma.  BJ serves it all up next to a couple of massive USA-size ketchup and mustard bottles, so that you can, if you choose to accept the mission, drown your entire plate in red and yellow glop, and then enjoy the first-world problem of trying to find your food inside an ocean of condiment. May sound like a stretch, but I have some seriously taste-impaired friends. Life is about choices, and this is one you won’t regret. – Dan Speight

Vital Statistics:

Meat: Large, thick, and it will moo no more.
Bun: White sesame seed bun, toasted golden brown.
Fries: Plenty of golden spud to wash down that meat.
Epic Win:  Beef, Bacon, Cheese and Browned-Onion Heaven. The most fun in your mouth to be had, short of going to Nishiki. Oh, hang on…
BJ American Dining Bar
Miyagi Bldg. 1F 3-14-22 Nishiki, Naka-ku
Open: Mon-Thu 11:00~24:00, Fri 11:00~1:30
Sat 17:00~1:30, Closed Sun
Tel: (052) 973-4560

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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