The Stuuupid Gaijin Quiz: Ninja Nerd Edition

1: Gloaming: Who are the ninjas?

A) A clan of 8th-century assassins from Shikoku.
B)12th-century specialized samurai fighters.
C) A 1970s one-hit-wonder punk band from Glasgow.
D) Members of a class of 14th-century Japanese mercenary agents.

2: Nigritude: Ninjitsu means:

A) Swift with darkness
B) The skill of going unperceived
C) Baby breeze, egad!
D) The man of silence

3: Twilight: What is true about ninja swords?

A) Its scabbard was longer than that of a samurai sword.
B) It was of a poorer quality than that of a samurai sword.
C) It was made for stabbing, not slicing.
D) It was made with a hidden compartment to conceal poison, etc.

4: Dimness: A female ninja is called akunoichi. Why?

A)くノ一 (ku-no-ichi) are the strokes used in 女 (woman)
B) There were only nine ninjettes, thus 一 (one) of 九 (nine) ninjettes
C) 苦 means “suffering” in Japanese.
D) Kunoichi = one who suffers
E) Being a ninjette was weird, thus クーキー (kuukii), meaning “kooky” was used.

5: Tenebrosity: For what was a ninja sword (and its scabbard) not used as?

A) A hammer
B) A step
C) A snorkel
D) A telescope

6: Caliginosity: Which James Bond book / movie had Tamba Tetsuro as a ninja army’s boss?

A) You Only Live Twice
B) Thunderball
C) Octopussy
D) The Spy Who Loved Me

7) Crepuscule: What do Oompa-Loompas and Ninja have in common?

A) Roald Dahl created Loompas and the script for the correct answer in the previous question.
B) Oompa-Loompas in
C) Dahl’s Willie Wonka were “the littlest ninjas around”.
D) “Onba Ronba” is the word for ninja in the Tohoku region of Japan.
E) “Ajnin”, which is ninja spelled backwards, is what OLs chant while working.

8) Shadiness: The ninja-movie genre reached its peak in the 80s. Which of the following was not a ninja flick?

A) Revenge of the Ninja
B) Enter the Ninja
C) American Ninja
D) Retribution of the Ninja





Gloaming: D’s good
Nigritude: B’s the one
Twilight: All of’em are correct
Dimness: A’s right
Tenebrosity: D’s it
Caliginosity: A’s correct
Crepuscule: A’s good
Shadiness: D’s right

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