The Skillet Diner: The Everything Burger

IMG_8241The Skillet Diner is famous in Nagakute for having some seriously awesome American food. In addition to their extensive burger line-up they also have stuff like Philly Cheese Steak, cajun food, and spare-ribs. Buma-san, the owner and chef studied in America and speaks English really well. Every time a foreign customer comes in he asks them to put a pin in either the world map or the US map he has on the wall, which is kinda cool. Interestingly Dallas and LA seem to have the most pins.

Meat To Bun Ratio
This burger is seriously TALL. In addition to the beef patty Buma-san adds some yummy thick-cut bacon. Combined, these two punch the protein requirement nicely!

The Fixins
First off this burger is a super win for the fresh slices of forest-butter, otherwise known as avocado. And while adding onion rings to a burger is now all the rage, the Skillet Diner packs three of these golden fried beauties on top. The burger patty is slathered with cheddar and the whole thing rests between fresh lettuce, a thick tomato and two buns which are built to last from first mouth-open-wide moment til you are licking the very last meaty goodness from your lips. The burger also comes with comfort-food style cole slaw.

The Fries
Home-style wedge sliced fries are here to offer you moral support. They sit on the side like spectators waiting to see how you will fit this monster burger into your face.

I would recommend this place because…
It reminds me of diners back home in America. In fact the whole place is bright and has comfortable booth seating. Also for those who live near Nagakute or who pass through on their way to one of the international schools or work this is definitely a great place to get a taste of home. – Carter Witt

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