The Sexy T-Shirts Special Edition

Only 16 days to go!!!!! Are you guys ready for the Sexy Halloween Party?
At NAGMAG office, getting really busy. VIP tickets were just arrived, new flyers are ready to distribute…

ナグマグの事務所はもーバタバタ。。。 VIPチケットも出来上がって、新しいちらしも今週いろんなパブなどに配られる準備もできてるし。。。

A——nd, SPECIAL EDITION the Sexy T-shirts designs are DONE!


Pink Sexy Shirt (Orange and green)thumbThe Sexy Halloween Shirt (pink and green)thumb

But….. we are still not sure which colour we should go with.
Orange and Green? Or Hot Pink and Green???
Which one do you like better???


 893825_10151653705486283_1879629099_o    1271363_658856427467140_118531204_o

You can still purchase VIP ticket from (500 yen off)!
More details for the party, go to our facebook event page!

前売りVIPチケットまだ購入可能ですよ!ここから、どうぞ→ (500円割り引き)

Did I tell you there is Halloween Happy Hours?!
If you come between 7:30-9:30 and enjoy half price drinks from a special Halloween menu, including Rum, Tequila, Gin and Vodka mixes, and Vio’s super delicious, original fruit sangria!


Don’t miss out!!!!

The Sexy Halloween

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