THE SEXY Pirate Bus! – Friday 9/13, 2013

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th. So get yerself ready with some rum and scum, cause on Friday the 13th, we offer a timely prelude to the parley: The Horney Seaman and The Brack Pearl, I say!

“What of them, Cap’n?”, you foolishly ask. These, me buccaneer mates, are the two fine pirate ships set to ply the wretched, highfalutin waters of Sakae, come Friday, September 13th. Board at your own peril, and set sail for forbidden havens of debauchery, afore the tides sweep you out upon the unforgiving, open seas for a good ole game o’ hide and go chum yerself with the sharks. Step right up, or walk the damn plank and give Davey Jones our hearty regards! Arr harr harr!

Land, ahoy! Our rolling galleons will stop at six ports o’ call, between seven ‘o the eve and one ‘o the morn. On deck you’ll be greeted by the fiery blunderbusses of Captains Pegleg and Woodcock, buxom wenches in tow. For the measly VIP Sexy Bus fare of ¥2,000, all sea dogs will receive a treasure map, leading to liquid festivities and refreshments, the likes o’which yer beady ole eyes har ne’er laid sight upon! One thirst-quenching shot at each stop should see ya right, and on the way to a good ol’ night ‘o skullduggery.  Will ya find yerself sipping an “Aztec Gold”, pounding back a “Bermuda Triangle”, or clinging for dear life to a “Sex With The Captain?”

Well, if we knew the answer to that, it wouldn’t be much of a bloomin’ treasure hunt now, would it? Ya bastards!! Barr harr harr! Now get on yer knees and swab the decks afore I change me mind and swap yer hammock for a bed ‘o blasted barnacles ‘n rusty nails!! Yarr!!

Ships depart each locale every 30 minutes, so if ya miss one, fear not, refill yar tankard and bludgeon a parrot until the next chance to hit the lurching seas. Deck maids will be on hand at all taverns to announce boarding times, lest ye fall victim to the temptations of paradise and lose sight of yer mission altogether. Woe be he, who dare entertain recalcitrant thoughts o’ mutiny afore the mission be accomplished, by Neptune’s beard! A hundred lashes with the cat o’ nines, and salt in yer eyes, I say! Garr!!

Landlubbers and boatswains alike, get yerselves a taste of Sexy Entertainment for yer trouble. Will ya find yerself some Sexy Pirate Pole dancers, Gyrating Go-Go Wenches, or Sexed-Up Pirate DJ’s over that tempting marine horizon? Well, we ain’t bloody well tellin’ ya now, are we? Whattaya think this is, blasted amateur maggot hour??!! Reclaim yer ancestors’ sense of adventure, scurry up that mast, unfurl the rigging and go have a sodding look for yerselves. Wahh harr harr, dee harr harr!!!

Dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate, drink like a pirate, and shake your lawless booty like a pirate till the mermaids come home!

(Summary for those who don’t speak pirate)

On Friday, September 13th from 7 pm to 1 am, the Sexy Pirate Ships (well, buses actually) will circle six downtown watering holes. Buses arrive at each bar every 30 minutes, and you can get on and off whenever and wherever you please. You will be given a a treasure map entitling you to one free shot at each location. SEXY Dancers and DJ’s will be playing at differing venues. Come dressed in yer finest pirate wear! Ya harr!

The Sexy Pirate Bus
Fri. Sept 13 from 19:00-01:00
Get on a bus at any of the following:

Shooters, Elephant’s Nest,
The 59’s, BJ, Mexigan
and  The Coat of Arms.

¥2,000 (6D) Advance VIP Ticket Holders
¥2,500 (6D) on the day.

To register for advance tickets go to: by Sept 10. Otherwise you can purchase your map from one of our pirate wenches at any venue or on the bus.

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