The Sexy Halloween – October 29th, 2011

Discarded around the small, lamp-lit desk in the center of the apartment-come-makeshift laboratory, lay piles of spent food containers and plastic cutlery. It was well past midnight, yet sleep was the last thing on his mind. He couldn’t remember the last time sunlight had touched his pale, wrinkled skin. Our hero was not a pretty sight. The rogue alchemist, with a penchant for pursuing the impossible, was hell-bent on completing his magnum opus. He’d been slaving away for months on this new formula, but so far, to no avail.

He’d known he was just around the corner from success, but it had continued to elude him. The old man was beginning to wonder if he should have taken his father’s advice, and stuck to cooking meth for that Mexican cartel. The fish tacos down there were awesome. Then, in the midst of despair and confusion, the epiphany of a lifetime suddenly came rolling down from above. Time stood still, and he saw the future. And it was scary. Very, very scary. The mad, disfigured scientist gleefully screamed in exultation: “Eureka! I’ve found it! The Lost City of Atlantis’ ancient formula for Halloween magic! ”

What had the bent, old scholar, in his incoherent, mad ramblings, stumbled across? Like all great inventions, which seem so impossible before realization, yet so simple after the fact, it was actually a pretty elementary process of deduction. He took three parts Sexy, added  two parts Halloween, mixed them in a cocktail shaker, and hey, presto! The now famous, patented formula for the Sexiest Halloween ever conceived, was born! Enter the Sexy Halloween, Sakae’s most tantalizing halloween party!

Now that we’re all familiar with a little history, let’s take a brief tour through the details of this month’s upcoming ghastly party of the year:

From the auspicious hour of nine, this October 29th, Gen’s 2nd will erupt into a veritable super-volcano of ghoulish splendor and unspeakable feverish excitement. Conveniently located right by Sakae’s underground Exit 9, the venue will be bombarded by underworld creatures of all shapes and sizes. They will spew forth from the bowels of the earth to revel in their annual mortal night of uncensored, pagan self-expression and forbidden pleasure.

Only those who successfully navigate the terrors of the tunnel of madness will be granted admission to the world of wonderment that awaits.  Inside, non-stop musical delights will be provided by DJs Rafa (Pop House/Hip Hop), Ghost Willy(Hip Hop),Vinny Vintage(Hip Hop), dij(Pop House/House), Junk (House),PauloAtNight (House) and Mai, a.k.a Chang Mai (House). Sexy Devil pole dance performances will be given by national pole dance championships finalist Kumi, and her dynamic, six-pack sporting sidekick, Yuki.

Seductive go-go dancers, trapped inside giant bird cages, will snake and gyrate their nubile forms in desperate, yet futile attempts to be freed from the bonds of demonic slavery. iPad prizes will be awarded to the most impressively costumed partygoers, who will doubtless later return to the underworld wondering if Hades has wifi yet. A face-painting stall will be manned by Nameless Films’ David Mazzucchi, alongside body jewelry designs by Gelsomino.

Outlawed devil-juice and small, fried rodent snacks will be available for ¥500 per dose. Festivities will roll on until the ungodly hour of five, with Gen’s in-house DJs taking the reins for the final stretch.
The rest, as they say, is…chemistry.

More at!

Go to Facebook and click “attending” on this link:

The Sexy Halloween Event Page.

If you are one of the first 30 people through the door who are on that list you will get a free shirt!


The Sexy Halloween
At Gen’s 2nd (Sakae Exit 9)
Saturday Oct. 29th from 21:00 til 5:00

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