Be warned… it’s coming. All-Souls ‘Eve. Spooks’ Night. That day in October when you have a license to cosplay. The Annual Pagan Festival of Debauchery and Shameless Self-Gratification.
Call it what you like, the result will be the same.

The Sexy Halloween will draw you down into its subterranean passages, entrance you, and consume you. It will cackle, shake its sexy ass, and dance the night away in a ritual ecstasy orgy of sound, color, swirling aroma clouds and smokeless air.
You’ll be entranced, hypnotized and bewildered.

You may never be quite the same again. This much, we know.  As for the rest, your guess is as good as ours. But we hope you make it out alive. Really, we do.
‘Cos we’re nice like that.

This year’s Sexy Halloween offers a supercharged platter of entertainment to boggle the mind and shock the senses. A lemming platoon of Nagoya’s Halloweeniest DJs will storm the stages at Mago, Vio and the Gallery, filling the extensive caverns of Shinsakae’s famous Flex Bldg. with a living wall of sound from 7:30 to late, late, late. VJ genius Tsukasa Honey will douse the interior with digital bucketfuls of evolving visual imagery, a veritable kaleidoscope of organic alchemy. It’s a spectacle to eclipse all that came before, and boldly challenge any that dare follow.

Featured Performers

DJs / Musicians:
PauloAtNight, Junk, dij, Andy S, m@, Bassmonkey, Tomopiro, Naoki,
Hiroknee, We Are The Party, Rafa, Scrying, Ten Saiki

Team Gold Betty Pole Dancers:
Kumi, Yuki, Yuuko, Ako, Naho, Kira, Cai

Belly Dancer:

The Sexy Cage Go-Go Dancers:
Ladyl (Yui and Ayano), Nozomy and Kimiko

Points To Remember!

Three venues all under one roof.

Awesome DJs start early, from 7:30, with Vio Lounge offering a comprehensive dinner menu of healthy, macrobiotic fare. Even if you need to get the last train home, you can sink your teeth into a good, fat slab of party time.

It’s a No-Smoking event, with all indoor areas smoke-free. Smokers are welcome to fumigate at the bottom of the stairwell, by the tunnel entrance.
Two costume contests, held at 11:15 and 1:30, with the winner of each taking away a ¥50,000 value prize. Use your voting stickers (given at entry, don’t lose them!) to support the best costumes you see. Collect the most stickers to win!

A sizzling non-stop smorgasbord of the very best local belly dance, pole dance and go-go dance performances, featuring both male and female artists.

A giant carnival of interior adornment, with design creators giving birth to such irresistible attractions as a massive ghost tunnel and a huge, decorative photo booth for that perfect memorial shot.

Multiple bars for quick service, offering a devilishly colored alcoholic menu of shots, administered with surgical precision. Look out for the Giant Pumpkin Bar and the Zombie Nurse Station!

FREE buses to and from Sakae all night, so you can party-hop till you drop.

Strict ID policy. No minors. No ID, no entry. No exceptions.

Coin lockers available

Go to to register for a special coupon and a ¥500 discount.

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