The Secret Sexy: Sat. Jan 14th!

The Sexy Party series returns to kick off 2012 with a bang! Sexy as ever, but with a special, secret twist that will enthrall, shock and delight! Miss it, and spend the rest of the year kicking yourself. We can’t tell you everything – after all that wouldn’t be much of a secret now would it? However if you go to and purchase your ticket online you will get a free “Watashi Wa The Sexy” T-shirt!

Fans on facebook who click attending and are one of the forst 30 through the door will also get a free shirt. PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for this event are limited. Click “attending” to secure yours. Priority given to previous “The Sexy” guests. We will contact you with further information!

The Secret Sexy

Sat. Jan 14th at Gen’s 2nd | ¥2,000

More info at:   On facebook HERE

The Sexyパーティーがまたまたやってきます!2012の

チケットの枚数には限りがあります。Facebook上で”参加”をクリックする事で予約できます。チケットの配布は前回のThe Sexyパーティーに参加された方を優先させて頂きます 





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