The Samurai Grill – Great Eats in Anjo!

Find yourself in Anjo but wondering where to eat or have an after work drink? Then you should head to the newly opened Samurai Grill located near Shin Anjo station.


Owner Yuzo Matsumoto has created a friendly and modern space with a menu featuring a delicious fusion of Western and Brazilian dishes.

While they have everything from pizza to burgers, the standout has to be their grilled dishes – especially their Picanha (rump cap) steaks which are super tender and come with a Chimichurri sauce made from herbs and hot peppers, as well as a Vinaigrette veggie sauce.

If you are looking for a dependable burger then you’ll enjoy the special touches – like ham and melted mozzarella – and if you are adventurous they have some spicy Brazilian hot sauces you can add. The chicken burger is also a crowd favorite.


Perhaps the best part of Samurai Grill are the many authentic and homemade Brazilian dishes on offer including wings, fish and country garden salads. The bar is well stocked with the ingredients you’ll need for any one of the varieties of Caipirinha you may want.

They have also created a series of cocktails based on the samurai theme. These include Samurai beer (mojito-style) amongst many others. Anjo is lucky to have a spot that is open late and serves such great food.

And if you find yourself available between 17:00 and 19:00 be sure to drop in for happy hour featuring ¥300 beer, ¥100 off cocktails and a great selection of snacks like an order of garlic chicken wings for only ¥100.


The Samurai Grill

Lunch 17:00~23:30
Dinner (Open til 1:00 AM Fri & Sat)
Closed Monday
2F, 3-2-12, Imaikecho, Anjo-shi

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