Burgers 2018: The Rock’s Cajun Chicken Burger

There’s a relief that comes when you sit down at The Rock. From the affable staff to their menu full of comfort food, everything seems to say “Welcome back”, even if it’s your first time. They always seem to know what I need when I’m there, and, probably sensing my weariness as I slogged through my 6th year of burgers, they offered me up a bit of respite in the form of their brand new Chicken Fajita Burger. Starting with100 grams of chicken breast, they marinate it over night in Cajun spices before grilling it until it’s slightly crispy on the surface but succulent inside. Atop that they’ve got a generous heap of grilled onion and peppers with cheddar cheese, salsa and a combination of sour cream and mayo. This culinary experiment is so good it’ll have you rethinking your definition of the word “burger”. Don’t take your time with this one. Even being cradled in a soft but durable sesame bun, the Chicken Fajita Burger doesn’t hold together for long. But if you eat the burger over The Rock’s popular curly fries, the resulting mess creates some pretty good nacho fries. Wash this one down with a tequila coke with a twist of lime to complete the Tex Mex atmosphere.

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