The Rock: Ozzie Burger

Aussie’s didn’t invent the burger but they sure do get the philosophy behind them and the Aussie Burger at The Rock is proof that Aussies aren’t all about kangaroos, which they also make into a burger.

No friends, sit down at one of the many comfortable spots at The Rock and prepare yourself for a serious burger with an Aussie twist – beet root. It’s kinda like putting pineapple on a pizza in that the beet root is sweet and matches the savory burger and – I still don’t get this – egg – along with a full line-up of lettuce, cheese, onion and bacon. Bacon is a thing at The Rock and they take it very seriously.

I’ll admit that I was not expecting to like the beet root on my burger but it was very tasty and made the burger special. The Aussie burger comes with a side of fries, coleslaw and a slew of friendly customers who make this place one of Nagoya’s most socially enjoyable nightspots.

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