The Rock Burger: The Red Rock

There’s a story in the food! Often mundane, there are a few that attain anecdotal status because of the audacity of the ingredients, the humorous premise or, in this case, the massive balls of the chef.

The story goes that after taste testing Red Rock’s secret-blend of all-beef, Joe Sichi, the man behind the Red Rock, found it lacking “pop” and went into the fridge to fill that void. What he came out with, and ultimately pan-seared and placed on top, was a sausage. And this ain’t those itty-bitty wieners you get in Japan. No, this is a man-sized kielbasa, and it answers that age-old question “beef or pork?” with a resounding “BOTH!” The result is a burger that eats like a tailgating party, and should be tackled by the biggest of hungers. Congratulations, Joe. You gave the burger “pop”, and I think that was the elastic in my boxers. – Daniel Ostrander

Vital Statistics:

Meat: 150 grams of ground beef seared in a cast-iron pan; which doesn’t even account for the hefty portion of sausage-y goodness sitting atop the beef, as if saying “where is your bacon god now!?”
Bun: If you were wondering why they tasted so much better, Red Rock recently upgraded their buns to the same bakery Shooters uses. Further proof to their tenacity, this towering meal didn’t fall apart once.
Sides: Besides the generous supply of curly fries, you will find a nice side salad adjacent. Your colon will thank you later.
Epic Win: This burger enjoys meeting beer. There was never a better excuse to go deep in your cups than to wash down this mountain before the meat coma overtakes you.

The Red Rock
Aster Plaza Bld. 2F, Sakae 4-14-6, Naka-Ku
Open: Sun-Thu 17:30~1:00, Fri / Sat 17:30~3:00
Tel: (052) 262 7893

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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