The Rock Aussie Sports Bar and Grill

NAGMAG: So “The Red Rock” became “The Rock” and now “The Rock Aussie Sports Bar and Grill Nagoya”. What’s behind the change?

The Rock: Well, we decided to embrace our multicultural clientele and staff alike. By marketing ourselves as an international bar instead of just an Aussie bar we’re letting the public know that we are your one stop destination for anything related to the time honored tradition of watching the game while enjoying a nice cold brew. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, Australia or otherwise, you’re welcome at The Rock.

Will you be adding any new menu items?

We’ve already started expanding our menu by adding hit items like the sweet and sour pork and our famous kangaroo and chicken fajitas. Will there be more in the future? Only one way to find out, stop by and take a look at our menu yourself! OR Our current special embraces the time honored tradition of American style BBQ, you won’t find a better rib sandwich in the entire city. Don’t forget that our special changes regularly so stop in often to see what’s cooking at The Rock

Will you still have live music every Sunday?

Of course! We’re known for providing excellent live music every Sunday, and we’ll soon start expanding music to Saturday nights when we have the opportunity. Stop by and Rock out with us.

You are advertising it as “The Same Aussie Bar, New Sporty look!!”” What changes will there be in the appearance of the bar?
What’s the “New Sporty Look”?

New sign, new TVs, more sports on more screens. You’ll have to see the rest for yourself won’t you?

Can I use my Aussie dollars still?

Of course! As long as they’re stapled or taped to the correct amount of Japanese yen. If you want to donate any foreign currency (since we are international now) we’re happy to share your beautiful face along with your donation for our social media pages.

We heard you’ll be hosting The Absolute Halloween this year

Hosting? We ARE the “Absolute” Halloween. Absolutely the best staff, absolutely the best drinks, absolutely the only place you need to be come Halloween.


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