The Red Rock: The Aussie Winter Breeze


Newly renovated and sporting a freshly reinvigorated cocktail menu The Red Rock serves all the classic drinks, and a few surprises as well. The gorgeous Tomomi exemplifies this theory; not only beautiful but also a gifted mixologist, she had NAGMAG’s mouth watering from the moment he entered the bar… over her drinks of course. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Nagoya’s sweltering summer is soon upon us, and how we will be envying the cooling wintery winds of the southern hemisphere. With this in mind, Tomomi has concocted the Aussie Winter Breeze. The muddled sourness of the lemon binds a fresh subtlety to the pineapple liquor, allowing a delicate sweetness through. From here the mint undercuts the fruit, wafting in like a cooling Byron Bay morning breeze. But perhaps the best thing is that the relatively low alcohol content of the liqueur means that, when the temperature soars, you can confidently knock them back without being knocked onto your back. – MG

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