The Prime Rib Sandwich: Outback Steakhouse

It’s not often that you eat a burger so delicious that you want to run out of the restaurant screaming “This Is The Best Thing I Have Ever Stuffed In My Face” – but after devouring the Prime Rib Sandwich at Outback Steakhouse that’s exactly what I wanted to do.
What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a burger made entirely of sliced Prime Rib steak. Topped with grilled onions, cheese, lettuce and tomato and tucked neatly within a toasted sesame seed bun.

But beware! You can’t just order this anytime you like! This burger is only available on Monday and they only make a few each week! But if fate shines on you and you find yourself near Outback at the right time Yumm is the word!
– Doug Breath

Vital Statistics:

Meat: How many times do I need to say “Sliced Prime Rib” before the saliva glands in your mouth explode?
Bun: As with all burgers at Outback toasted and fluffy but strong enough to keep up with heavy-duty eating.
Fries: Nice long thick cut and fried to perfection.
Epic Win: Your average punter will never get near this burger – but now you can reach Burgernirvana

Outback Steakhouse
Nagoya Sakae
Nishiki 324 Bldg. B1. 3-24-24
Nishiki, Naka-ku
Open: Mon – Fri 17:00-23:30 /
Sat, Sun, and Holidays 11:30-23:30
Tel: (052) 968-7800

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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