The Pirates of the Dotombori
June 17, 2018

In polls, people’s greatest fear is regularly shown to be public speaking. In front of a crowd, even the most confident can freeze up and go blank. Now combine that public speaking with storytelling, acting and with having to move a diverse crowd of people to laughter or tears. Then you have a taste of what an improviser gets to play with. Who would choose to go through all of that, not to mention in a second language?

The Pirates of the Dotombori, that’s who.

Founded in Osaka in 2005, they’ve done monthly shows ever since and spawned a sister group, the Pirates of Tokyo Bay. But they’ve not only been limited to Kansai, being regulars at the Manila and Singapore Improv Festivals. For some reason though, they’ve never been to Nagoya. It’s only 2 hours away! What HAVE they been thinking?!

Bringing their own form of high energy madcap improv comedy, they’ll descend on GC Live on the 17th of June. Expect crazy characters, cheesy puns and lots and lots of audience participation. Thanks to our wonderful audiences and their suggestions, every show is brand new and different. Since it’s based on YOUR INPUT, you better get ready to shout your suggestions for silly songs, snazzy scenes and sometimes simply some seriously stupid stuff.

The show is fully bilingual, so don’t worry about understanding everything, just be prepared to laugh in both English and Japanese.

Anyone who wants to try out improv, or take a deeper plunge, is welcome to join the Pirates of the Dotombori for an improv workshop before the show from 16:30 to 18:00

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