The Photography of Edward Scruggs

Edward Scruggs came to the arts through his experience as a professional classical guitarist. His efforts in photography draw on musical ideas of rhythm, structure, tempo and texture. His love of literature can also be found in these images in devices such as visual simile and metaphor, which he tries to achieve with both camera skills and creative use of post-processing software. Edward has just begun his own own creative imaging service Vizual VooDoo.

Train-Detail-Big-Res-“ …faces come out of the rain…”
Detail of a restored steam locomotive.
Shot while listening to the Doors.


Shoes A Mile in My Shoes:
A tip of my derby hat to René Magrittte. I came to Japan in those boots 18 years ago. The feet are mine from 2010!

ChiakiFrog Lake:
Chiaki Matsumoto is a glorius dancer and one of my favorite Nagoyans.  Scuba Fins?  No Problem!

Nafgby-Moonlight-Big-res-A Lunar Take on Nagoya

final vineDetail of Abandoned Home and Vines
I want to look closer.  Every day, I want to look closer.

CraneCrane Taking Flight  

NagMag-Sakura-Big-Res-Go- Sakura viewing at Yamazaki Gawa


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