The Obvious Circus Events (Until 6/25)


There’s only a few things that could motivate me to get off my ass and release 2 ECs in as many weekends, and good dance music is one of them. Excuse me while I get all curmudgeonly on ya.

See, I’m kind of fed up with dance music of late. I’ve been going to clubs for 20 years, and I’ve rolled with most of whatever was the trend. Trance, techno, acid, jungle, DnB, electro, grime, dubstep; if the DJ played it, I danced. Even if I didn’t care for it, I respected its innovation. But this current wave of EDM is BORING. They’ve taken a sound born from passion, cultural diversity and, yes, getting really fucked up; and stripped all that away leaving a redundancy of big beats, annoying samples and wailing sirens. It’s commercialization of the club, and I refuse to dance.

However, there are signs of life in Nagoya, and several of the parties happening this weekend offer you respite from the deluge of same-old-same-old. So, do yourself a favor: dance differently. As for me, I’m going where the funk is.

On To The Calendar

Friday 20

Cave Party

Café Domina in Sakae from 21:00

Dr.Nishimura prescribes a dose of funky house for a club scene suffering from a case of chronic EDM and persistent warbled bass. DOOR ¥2000

Robert Moore Kabuki Collection

Royal Gardern Café in Fushimi from 19:00

I managed to catch local artist Robert Moore’s newest exhibit at the Coat of Arms last week, and was impressed at the size of this work. Needless to say, it’s an alarming amount of Kabuki face. Stop by the Royal Garden to check it out.


Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00

Two helpings of progressive house music from DJ OGAWA and crew this month, with seconds provided by Argentinian producer Baunder.

Saturday 21

Artists in Space vol. 3

DayTrive in Shinsakae from 18:00

Last year this live music and art collective was held at Tsurumai Park. Good on them for getting a roof over their heads this rainy season. DOOR ¥1500


Club Buddha in Sakae from 22:00

Now this is what I’m talking about! These DJs know how to bring the funk. ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500 (1D)

WICKED vol. 6

Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

Since the 80s, producer and DJ MURO has helped to cultivate a culture of true, hip-hop, soul and RandB in clubs all over Japan. On the decks, his weapon of choice is 7-inch singles, furiously beat-breaking between these vinyl classics. Not an easy feat to accomplish and he does it with panache. Highly recommended. ADV ¥2500 / DOOR¥3000

Gold Experience

Cafe Domina in Sakae from 23:00

With special guest DJ Noiri, one of the best rock DJs in town. ADV ¥1500 / DOOR ¥2000 which includes free food


X-Hall in Osu from 22:00

Tokyo DJ duo Dexpistols return with a new mix CD and a night of the bangingest of beats and bass. DOOR ¥3500

Sunday 22

Nagoya Swings

Shooters in Fushimi from 18:00

Nagoya’s only international jazz dance group returns to Shooters, and anyone and everyone are welcome to join them for some ballroom style. Don’t let your two left feet stop you from dancing. They’re offering bi-lingual introductory lessons for only ¥600. This is the best way to get introduced to East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, the Charleston and more. Singles and couples are all welcome.

Quiz Night

Red Rock in Sakae from 20:00

The instigators of the pub quiz in Nagoya are back! If Joe and Tim are running it like they used to, you can expect 3 rounds of challenging questions which you can answer solo or with a team. ¥500 entry free and teams of 4 get a discount. Prizes in the past included Koala Kash, which is good for food and drinks.


Club Mago and VIO in Shinsakae from 14:00

Q’hey, Takaaki Itoh and DJ Sodeyama, some of the biggest names in the Japanese Techno scene (yes, that’s a thing); all playing the main room of Mago at this day-long festival. There will also be a second room, a live stage and a gallery space; the JPN Techno Cluster is going huge for this one. ADV ¥3000 / DOOR ¥3500

Wednesdays 25

Ginger Wildheart

Apollo Base in Shinsakae from 18:30

In the game of life, this British rocker just keeps plunking quarters into the machine whenever the “Try again?” screen pops up. On top of at least 5 incarnations of his band, The Wildhearts, he’s also taken on more side-projects than Wikipedia can keep up with. Good on him for finding a fan base in Japan, though. That’ll hold him over until forever. DOOR ¥6300

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