The Obvious Circus Events (Until 2/20)


Is it cliché to hate Valentine’s Day? To make things even more absurd, I’m happily married and have Wonka-ish levels of chocolate. I have no real reason to hate St. Valentine’s Day. I don’t even mind if it’s a “Hallmark Holiday” or not. And, sure, Cupid is creepy as hell, but that’s still not it. My detest for this special day is unexplainable; it’s on a molecular level. It defies logic, space and time. My hate will burn long after I’m gone, and cease only at the heat death of this universe… but don’t let my feelings darken your love fest. So, please, eat, drink and screw like rabbits. I will just sit here, in the dark, with my chocolates and brood… oh, a caramel!


It still sucks. Carry on.

On to the calendar!

Friday 15

ROTO Sound Stream

Plastic Factory in Imaik from 21:00

Fans of 60s music (that isn’t The Beatles) rejoice! On this night you’ll hear freakbeat, Northern Soul, Bossanova, Garage and more courtesy of DJs Ricky, Christian, Carlos, Maiko and Matt. DOOR ¥1000 (1D)

Black Box

Club About in Sakae from 22:00

Just down the road from the Red Rock, Club About is offering some minimal and techno dance for anyone interested. DOOR ¥1500

Valentine’s Day Party

MyBar in Sakae from 18:00

For all of the lovelorn gentleman out there going without chocolate, allow the lovely staff of MyBar to drown your sorrows with 2 hours of all you can drink for just ¥1500.

Saturday 16

Madlib Medicine Show

Club Mago in Shinsakae from 23:00

They should have sent a poet, because I don’t have the words to express my love and respect for this hip hop and jazz pioneer. There is nothing else happening on this night. DOOR ¥3500

Joaquin Joe Claussell

Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

With that said, Mr. DJ Claussell makes some deep and soulful house tracks which are near-spiritual in their brilliance. (Madlib) DOOR ¥3500


Radix in Tsurumai from 21:00

This Kingston sensation makes surprisingly beautiful music that’ll make you reconsider the panty-dropping quality of Reggae music. (MADLIB!) DOOR ¥3500


X-Hall in Osu from 22:00

Tokyo DJ Mademoiselle Yulia returns to MADLIB, MADLIB, MADLIB!!!


Club Quattro in Sakae from 17:00

The Japanese DEVO (sans the hats) is back in Nagoya, and will probably be again in a month or so.


Club About in Sakae from 22:00

Another techno party at about, but this one leans a bit more towards the house-y side. Confused? Allow special guest DJ Toby to explain it with his dope-ass mixes. With support from DJs Nick Edges, masa8 and more. DOOR ¥2000

Nagoya International Speed Dating

The Red Rock in Sakae from 18:00

Can’t get a single date for the Valentine’s weekend? Then how about 30? This seasonal Nagoya Friends event allows people from all over the world to come together and judge one another based on 10 minutes of conversation. Ain’t it romantic? ADV ¥2500 (men) and ¥2000 (women) / DOOR +¥500 (1D + food)

David Dycus

Country Joe in Shinsakae from 21:00

Mr. Dycus’ music is a much-needed warm blanket against this cold weather. It’ll be good to hear his beautiful vocals and slide-guitar mastery after an extended hiatus.


Plastic Factory in Imaike from 21:00

Didn’t the Factory already have this party this month?! Is it now bimonthly, rising star DJ Nick Shotter? DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

Sunday 17

Swing Hearts Dance 2013

Shooters in Fushimi from 18:00

Lovely siren Ako will serenade Nagoya’s ever-growing Jazz swing population alongside her talented backing band The Dark Blue Swingers. DOOR ¥500


Café Domina in Sakae from 17:00

If you’re looking for a DJ event this Sunday, this eclectic mix of techno, house, and electro from several DJs is probably your best bet. They usually have an impressive live art show as well, along with special live performances or guest DJs. ADV ¥1000 / DOOR ¥1500yen (1D + MIX CD)

Valentine’s Bunny Party

Red Rock in Sakae from 19:30

Yes another heart-shaped party, but this one separates itself from the pack by advertising women in bunny costumes! Granted, that’s only IF any of the guests are willing to come dressed in their Playboy best. Heck, you even get a whole shiny ¥500 piece off your admission, and it will only cost you your dignity. MEN ¥3500 / WOMEN ¥3000 Price includes all you can eat and drink, plus a chocolate fountain. Music by DJ Cee2

Monday 18

Motion City Soundtrack

Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

There is some much great music happening at Quattro this month that I am going to overlook the musical insignificance of this bland band… oops. DOOR ¥5800

Tuesday 19

Thee Oh Sees

K.D. Japon in Tsurumai from 18:00

The sound of this San Fran band changes so often it’s hard to nail down. Is prolific kick-ass-ery a music genre? DOOR ¥3000

Wednesday 20

Karaoke Night

Red Rock in Sakae from 20:00

An old bar favorite comes to the Red Rock with an interesting twist. They’ll be selling pitchers of beer this night for ¥1800, but you save ¥100 IF you sing a song. The more you drink, the more you’ll sing; the more you sing, the more you’ll drink. It’s the Mobius Strip of karaoke nights. This new weekly event includes ¥5000 in prizes to be won.


Zepp Nagoya near Nagoya Station from 18:30

Luka and Stjepan of 2Cellos are proof positive that your mother was right: you should’ve never quit playing the *insert classical instrument here*. Their grandiose rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit and other such favorites have garnered them accolades and, I like to imagine, a mob of groupies. DOOR ¥7500


Bottom Line in Imaike from 18:0 | ¥6,000)

I’ve been trash-talking BLAHBLAH-core bands for so long, I often forget that even groups like Converge and opening act Old Man Gloom have fans here and back in the States who love their music. Yeah, they suck, too. DOOR ¥6000

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