The Obvious Circus Events (Until 11/24)


I’ve lost track of which holiday we will be celebrating this Monday, but who really cares. Whether it’s in honor of the dead, the sea or the Dead Sea, I’m just happy to have that extra day off. So, thank you, Japanese government, for attempting to stem the rampant depression in your work force with a series of seemingly arbitrary holidays peppered throughout the working year.

On To The Calendar

Friday 21

The Sunshine Underground
Tight Rope in Sakae from 18:30
Four years between albums is a long wait for more of the addictive indie dance of this English band. But their third LP shows a depth and maturity beyond their previous outings, so maybe I should just shut up and learn to be patient. DOOR ¥4,800

Bonnie Pink
Diamond Hall in Shinsakae from 18:15
Singer and songwriter Kaori Asada took a hat, filled it with the cutest English words she could think of, picked two, and thus was born Bonnie Pink. DOOR ¥6000

Saturday 22

Elijah Ben
Gotham City in Shinsakae from 19:00
Stage, screen and music; besides being a triple threat, Elijah Ben is probably one of the hardest working artists in Nagoya. He’s releasing his new album Prophetic Technology on this night with the help of StarKat, anohito and Mado Yamamoto and The Good Lookin’ Brothers. Make sure to pick up a copy on this night for just an extra ¥500 at the door. DOOR ¥2500

Old School VI
Link’s Bar in Sakae from 20:00
DJ scrying controls the turntables like Dr. Who at the helm of the TARDIS. There’s a lot of shaking & an explosion or two, but once he’s done, you’ll swear you’ve travelled back in time. For their 6th outing, he and LikeNagoya are doing it up in Link’s Bar’s new location. I haven’t been there yet, so make sure you check out the event page before heading over. DOOR ¥1000 (1D)

David Dycus
Country Joe in Shinsakae from 21:00
This is a good chance for all of you newbies to experience a relic of the rich music history in this town, and Country Joe’s been here for a long time, too. BAM! I kid because I love David and his mad-skill on the slide-guitar. His beautiful folk music makes him the James Taylor of Nagoya, and a must see. DOOR ¥500

R&R Convention
Plastic Factory in Imaike from 20:00
The Tomo Shaga Band returns to the P’Factory for another night of raucous rock with special guests, all the way from Gifu, The North South Choke and DJ Miracle Rikiya. DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

Distant Is The Sun Tour
Club R.A.D. in Sakae fron 17:00
I’m certain there is someone in Nagoya who will be very happy that this Australian progressive metal band is playing on this night. Heck, there could even be 2 someones. DOOR ¥3000

Sunday 23

Jumpin’ Deluxe
Live and Lounge Vio in Shinsakae from 18:00
A little bit of Dixieland and a little bit of ragtime and you get the jazz of Little Fats & Swingin’ Hot Shot Party. Their sound of days long gone will put a smile on your face and a swing in your step. Steppin’ Out with Ako will also be performing along with the burlesque dance of Violet Eva. DOOR ¥3000

honey dip
Club About in Sakae from 23:00
The night of debauchery returns to About with a live bondage show, body painting and erotic dancing. A few fetish shops will be selling their wild wares to help bring out the gimp in you. DOOR ¥3000

Club Mago in Shinsakae fro 22:00
DJs Akira Saotome & YU-TO2 are good examples of how techno doesn’t always suck. DOOR ¥2000

Monday 24

Rock Show vol. 3
Bottom Line in Imaike from 16:00
Several local bands will be covering such greats as Whitesnake, Bay City Rollers, Motley Crue, Van Halen & Queen.

Blue Note in Sakae
As the first black enka singer in music history, Jero has earned himself a special place in the aged hearts of the fans of this dying genre as that one foreigner they trust to not rob or kill them. DOOR ¥7700

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