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Been shirking my responsibilities of late, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of love for Nagoya. It just means that I’m too busy enjoying all the nightlife to write about it. But there are so many excellent events happening in October that I just had to get off my lazy ass. So, for this weekend at least, the EC is back. Hear ye! Hear ye!

On to the calendar!

Friday 9

Juan Wauters Japan Tour
Kakuozan Larder from 18:00
The first of several hidden gems this month, the lead singer of NY lo-fi punk folk act The Beets is playing at this new hip joint in the east end, along with Ikeda Yosuke of tigerMos. Tickets are limited to only 30 people. RSVP at ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500

Thee Oh Sees
Huck Finn in Imaike from 18:00
The electric and dark music from San Fran psychedelic band Thee Oh Sees matches the feel of this month perfectly. DOOR ¥4000

Dope Jams
@OutRecord in Sakae from 21:00
Every second and fourth Friday, DJs Chris, Tom and Masaya show some love for vinyl with an eclectic mix at this chill record-store-by-day spot. FREE!

X-Hall in Osu from 21:00
If Axe Body Spray opened a club, it would look, sound and smell a lot like X-Hall. LA DJ BL3ND, a name I assume he got off a license plate, will fit right in. DOOR ¥4500

Saturday 10

Hans Condor
Red Dragon in Shinsakae from 18:00 | ¥3,500)
Back in my hometown, Hans Condor is known as “Nashville’s rowdiest band”, leaving few sets finished before destroying equipment and audience members alike. No other live house could hope to contain this destructive force better than Red Dragon. Still, stay clear from the stage if you hope to avoid a beer bottle to the noggin’. DOOR ¥3500

Nagoya Metro Party
Lover:Z in Shinsakae from 22:00
Kick of the season of the witch with Aichi’s premier LBGT party. Their pre-Halloween Brooha is the best chance to test-run your costume before the 31st. DOOR ¥2500 (2D)

Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00
Nagoya’s best house music party starring the amazing DJ OGAWA. Don’t miss local fave Daniel Cheah opening in the main room! ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500 (1D)

Oasis Night, vol. 9
Plastic Factory in Imaike from 17:00
Oasis may have collapsed under the collective weight of their egos 6 years ago, but there are fans all over Japan who still hold a candlelight vigil for the Gallagher brothers’ dead careers. DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

Sunday 11

Tsuruma Park from 11:00
The international charity film, music and arts festival returns with live music from Brian Cullen and Sarah Mulvey, Elijah Ben, StarKat, The Michael Wade Band and the Tomo Shagga Tribute Band. There will also be several locally-produced films, a performance from The Nagoya Players and much more. The proceeds go to help Santa & Friends and Hope International. DOOR ¥2000

Razor Sharp
Club Mago in Shinsakae from 23:00
UK DJs Peverelist and Hodge are known for complicated and intense sets, but the techno-philes amongst you are going to love this mix. DOOR ¥3000

Red Dragon in Shinsakae from 14:30
In the early 80s, this hardcore punk band was known for inciting the Bristol youth with their politically-charged lyrics, and once again Red Dragon is responsible for bringing this madness to our doors. DOOR ¥3500

Brian Cullen and Friends
Shooters in Fushimi from 20:00 | ¥300)
After Aichi Vision, everyone is headed to Shooters to celebrate with the Irish folk music of Dr. Cullen and his ever-growing musical coterie. DOOR ¥300

Club Orca in Sakae from 19:00
There’s nothing subtle about the sexually charged Electro house mixes from this young American producer. Grind out your holiday on the dance floor.

20th Anniversary Party
Radix in Tsurumai from 21:00
The club under the tracks is celebrating this momentous occasion with a large collection of the bands and DJs who play there every month. Prices, times & amount of fun may vary. DOOR ¥3500

Monday 12

Monday Night Jam
Gotham City Live in Shinsakae from 18:00
This and every Monday, GC Live offers all the chance to take the stage and join a supergroup of local talent for the best jam session in town. DOOR ¥1000

Tuesday 13

Diamond Hall in Shinsakae from 18:00
This wolf-headed nu-metal act out of Shibuya was the perfect combination of insanity and loudness needed to create the theme song for this summer’s hit film Mad Max: Fury Road. Unfortunately, the flame-spewing guitar will not be in attendance, but American rap core band Zebrahead will. DOOR ¥5400

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