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I hope everyone enjoyed their Golden Week, because the holidays are gone and they won’t be back around again until August. But don’t let the lack of down time get you down. There’s plenty of fun going down this weekend. Just head down town, and let’s get down to all the great music happening. Are you down? That’s a weird word, “down”. Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Doooooow! I think my brain broke down.

WHAT’S GOT ME BUZZ’n: The play being the thing and all

Nameless Media’s production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet opens this Friday, and will run for 5 performances. I’ve got to give some major kudos to director Carl Bradley for taking on what is arguably the greatest play in the English-language. I cannot wait to see Anthony Gilmore, as Hamlet, and the rest of the cast, which reads like a VIP list of the Nagoya International community, perform this timeless masterpiece. No one should miss this show.


by William Shakespeare

at the Mini Theater at the Aichi Arts Center in Sakae

Friday, May 11 @ 19:00

Saturday, May 12 @ 14:00 and 19:00

Sunday, May 13 @ 14:00 and 18:00

General: ADV ¥2500 / DOOR ¥3000

Student: ADV 1500 / DOOR ¥2000

On to the calendar!

Thursday 10th


The Emporium in Sakae from 20:00

Good news: for one night foreigners will be allowed into this luxurious yet notoriously J-only club.

Bad news: you’ll have to listen to K-pop. However little I care for this genre should not detract from the talent of DJs Junk and PauloAtNight, whose mad mixing skills will surely be put to the test tonight. DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

Friday 11th

Hyper Space Real Junk F #69

Huck Finn in Imaike from 19:00

The HSRJF DJs have an encyclopedic knowledge of the obscurest New Wave, punk and alternative bands, and they show of this knowledge every month for free. FREE!


Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

A night of rock tunes and jazzy club music from the popular DJ Noiri of Bang the Drum fame. Before 23:00 ¥1000 / After 23:00 ¥1500 (1D)

Saturday 12th

Nagoya Metro Club

Lover:Z in Shinsakae from 22:00

Funky, Friendly and Forever Fabulous, the Nagoya Metro Party is a crazy night of revelry you won’t soon forget. As always, there will be sexy floor shows including pole dancers, singers and drag queens wth DJ e-M creating the hottest dance floor in town. Nagoya’s ichiban gay, lesbian et al party; leave your inhibitions at the door. DOOR ¥2500 (2D)

Mods Mayday Nagoya 2012

Apollo Theater in Shinsake from 20:00

It seems all the cool kids from all the retro parties are getting together for this one; including the Wack Wack Rhythm Band from Tokyo, local jazz sensation ako and the Dark Blue Swingers, as well as the DJs from Dance Craze. This party’s going to be so money! DOOR ¥3000

Fever! Fever!! Fever!!!

Club Rock’n’Roll in Shinsakae

This two day fest features two of my favorite local indie acts,POP-OFFICE and mothercoat, and many others that can only hope to be half as good as they are.

Club Beat Fountains

Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

Café Domina is always my first stop on nights when the Top 40 of the bigger clubs won’t suffice. They are always a safe bet for underground music that won’t bore, like this indie rock, electro and more party. Take a cursory glance at their set lists and see how long it takes for you to say, “I love that song.” ADV ¥1500 / DOOR ¥2000


Club JB’s in Sakae from 21:00

A very chill party and a true Japanese clubbing experience for music lovers who care more about dancing then being a part of a “scene”. This event, as always, is sponsored by my good friends over at Paradise City, the best sound bar in Nagoya! ADV 2000 / DOOR 2500 (1D)

Sunday 13th


Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00 | ¥3,500)

This talented DJ/producer doesn’t slow down long enough for labels to stick to him, but I can honestly say he’s one of the best in the industry, and his CV reads like a Grammy Awards guest list. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ADV 3000 / DOOR ¥3500


Club Zion in Kamimaezu from 16:30 | ¥3,000)

This week’s best band name goes to Golden Whiskey Jam Sound, a local Reggae-ish rock group that will be overshadowed by the enormous talent of Tokyo’s Johnsons Motorcar, probably the ONLY Irish Punk Folk band this side of the world. If you’re not at Hamlet this Sunday, then be at Club Zion! ADV ¥2500 / DOOR ¥3000

Monday 14th

Eric Benet

Blue Note in Sakae for 2 shows

The talented Mr. Benet didn’t make the cut in this month’s NAG MAG mostly because I feel our readers don’t care to pay ¥8900 to hear “Spend My Life With You”, no matter how beautiful a song it is. He gets mentioned here because, though overpriced, he is still so very smooth.

Upcoming Events

May 20 Nagoya Walkathon @ Morikoro Park
June 9 The Sexy Aroma @ Gen’s 2nd
July 7,8,14,15 Three Guys One Pub Dinner Theater @ Shooters
July 28 Sound Machine Beach Party @ Utsumi


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