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One Year Later

You know how people always say “I’ll never forget where I was that day”? Well, I will never forget where I was the days after March 11th when I witnessed, for one glorious instance, how this community banded together to help out the victims of the Tohoku Triple Disaster. And whether it was donating cash or goods, driving a truck, flying a helicopter, making a t-shirt, creating a graphic novel or attending any of the hundreds of fundraisers, you are all heroes in my eyes and I am honored to call you my neighbors.

On to the calendar!

Friday 9th

Crystal Kay @ Bottom Line in Imaike from 18:30

Since the Foo Fighters pussied out of their Asian tour (JK. get better, Dave!), we only have this J-pop princess for live music on this day. And while I am no fan, I don’t hate her most recent collection of not-so-saccharine singles from her new album. DOOR¥5250

John Lawrence Sullivan Opening Party

Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

Designer Arashi Yanagawa is bringing his popular line of posh-wear to Nagoya; the newest in an increasing mob of previously Tokyo/Osaka-only storefronts coming to Aichi. To celebrate, they’re taking a page from the A/X playbook, and hosting a night of dance music when Yanagawa-san himself will be on the turntables. A designer AND a DJ… I could make a joke here but he’s also a boxer, and I like my face where it is. ADV 1500 / DOOR 2000 (1D)

Bank Robber vol. 4

Club Buddha in Shinsakae from 21:00

Unless this is an every-five-year event, I am surprised this one managed to slip under my radar for 3 previous volumes. I usually try very hard to keep abreast of any and all 50s rock, ska and swing jive events, especially one that features such amazing guests DJs as NOIRI (from Bang the Drum) and KAZOO of Record Shop Zoo. ADV 2000 (2D) / DOOR (1D)

Hyper Space Real Junk F #67

Huck Finn in Imaike from 19:00

Huck Finn, one of Nagoya’s oldest live houses, is the go-to venue for the best rock, punk and metal bands from all over the world (that you’ve never heard of). If you’ve never been to this shady live house on the shady side of the east end, than check out this free night of DJs playing New Wave, punk, oldies, indie and alternative music. It’s a great chance to dip your toes in this wildest of scenes, just make sure you clean them with Bactine afterwards.

Saturday 10th

Alien Invasion, vol. 2

Studio 246 in Higashiyama from 18:00

This collection of gaijin rock acts terrorized Toyhashi so much last time around, that they are no longer welcome back there. Which is good news for Nagoya because we can partake of local legends Ghost of Matsubara, Shibata Heavy Industries, Molotov U.S.K. and Snack Mama all on one stage. Enjoy them now, before they’re exiled from Chubu altogether. DOOR¥1000


Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00

DJ OGAWA’s new single “Explosion” is just that: a progressive house track that starts low with wicked drums that forebode something bigger to come. And when the beat drops and the alarm sounds, it’s too late; the dance floor is on fire! On this night, you can be one of the first to get caught up in the collateral damage at the release party. ADV¥2000 / DOOR¥2500 (1D)

Nagoya Metro Club

Lover:Z in Shinsakae from 22:00

To celebrate the return of warmer climes, Nagoya’s ichiban gay, lesbian et al party is throwing a Merry Making March Fiesta! As is the norm (if ever that word could be used to describe this bacchanal) there will be sexy floor shows including pole dancers, singers and drag queens wth DJ e-M creating the hottest dance floor in town. There will also be a Whitney Houston tribute on this night, and you KNOW the Metro crew will do it right. DOOR¥2500 (2D)

Velvet Sunday

Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

Nagoya’s chilliest event is even too cool for its own name, as DJs jin, Takashi and Shigeta are moving it to Saturday for the first time in my short memory. Still no word if this is a permanent change or not, but it is definitely the end of your excuses to not check out the smooth house and jazzy dance music. ADV 1500/ DOOR 2000 (1D)


Plastic Factory in Imaike from 22:00

Exciting night of nothing but house music with DJs Nick Sharp and Kaol DOOR¥1500 (1D)

Geki-Rock FES.vol.10
Club 3 Star in Imaike from 17:00

Now, you COULD listen to the pop-punk of Forever The Sickest Kids (USA) and Melody Fall (Italy) at this little-known live house on the east end. Of course, you could also jam chopsticks into your ears until they pierce your brain. Same effect for a lot less yen. DOOR¥5400

Sunday 11th

Tohoku Disaster Commemoration

The Hilton in Fushimi from 14:00

For the anniversary of the tragic events of March 11, 2011, the international community will come together to remember the victims of the triple disaster and honor those no longer with us. Supporting Japan and HOPE International, as well as many more groups and individuals, will report how the money and supplies raised in Nagoya went to help those in need. There will also be a moment of silence at 14:46 to commemorate the moment the earthquake struck. For further information please contact:

Nagoya Players Workshop

Shooters in Fushimi from 12:00

For over 36 years, the Nagoya Players have been the Chubu region’s premier international theatre group, and their meeting this Sunday is your best chance to get involved with their newest show. They will be holding a workshop reading of 3 Guys, One Pub (working title) by Adam Miller, and afterwards Adam and the director will open the floor for suggestions and questions. After the meeting, they invite everyone to join them at the Hilton for the Tohoku Disaster memorial.

Nagoya Women’s Marathon

Starting at Nagoya Dome from 9:10

Last year, this annual celebration of people too stubborn to buy a bike was cancelled due to the tragedy in Tohoku. So, this year is expected to have a huge turnout, and will make using a car in Nagoya this Sunday a most-maddening effort. Good luck to all the runners, especially to my friends Masayo and Megumi!

Remember Tohoku Charity Campaign

MyBar in Sakae from 21:00

There are still many of our neighbors up north in great need, and MyBar has been very active in raising money and goods for them. Their most recent efforts conclude this Sunday and guests are encouraged to bring canned or packaged goods, as well as a¥500 donation.

Tuesday 13th

Rhythm Bound

Club Saru in Kanayama from 19:30

This semi-regular party with 1950s rock features a rare treat this month. Local rockabilly legends, Duck and the Billys are doing a never-heard-before unplugged show! I am not sure what has inspired Harry, Yu and the rest of the Billys to go acoustic, but I am certain it will be cool. DOOR¥1500 (+1D)

Marilyn Manson

Zepp Nagoya from 18:00

Mr. Manson is back with his first album in 3 years, or, as it’s known in the industry, a desperate cry of, “I’m still relevant, damn it!” DOOR¥8500

Upcoming Events

March 15 Wanna Be Child @ Club JB’s
March 19 Spring Fling Swing and Sing Thing 2011 @ Shooters
April 8 Hana-Nabe Picnic @ Tsurumai Koen
April 21 The Elevator @ The Red Rock

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