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With so much happening this weekend, I am just overwhelmed with invites. What’s a man-about-town like me to do? Say “Fuck it”, hit the decline button about 20 times and book a Shinkansen to Tokyo. Now, don’t get me wrong: I hate Tokyo. But I’ve got some leads on some places that seem to not suck so much, so I am hoping that this trip won’t end with me wandering the streets of Roppongi at 3 AM trying to remember where my hotel is. If you’ve got any places to suggest that aren’t “massage” parlors, drop the details to me at

On to the calendar!

Friday 8

Sonata Arctica

Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

Whereas most Finnish bands lean more towards the darker elements of metal music, Sonata Arctica goes for soaring power ballads. What they lack in attitude, they more than make up for it with kickass keytar solos! DOOR ¥6300


Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

UK reggae musician Top Cat performs alongside local hip hop duo Obrigarrd and the regular Goodweather crew of DJs. DOOR ¥3500


Club About in Sakae from 22:00

About always has the perfect vibe for a chill Friday night and plenty of room on their dance floor. DOOR ¥1500

Saturday 9

Tristan Prettyman

Club Quattro in Sakae from 17:00

This Californian surfer-turned-songstress’ music is purportedly inspired by the great Ani Difranco, but just comes across as a less-threatening Jewel. DOOR ¥6000

Melodic Metal Festival Vol.2

Apollo Theater in Shinsakae from 15:30

80s anthem metal didn’t die out, it just moved to Germany. Live performances from Jaded Heart, At Vance and Kissin’ Dynamite; the best in power chords and big hair that the Rhineland has to offer DOOR ¥7500

The Metro Party

Lover:Z in Shinsakae from 22:00

Central Japan’s best QUILTBAG party is all about the love, which is why their Valentine Carnival this weekend is going to be an unforgettable night with floor-packing tunes and a jaw-dropping floorshow. Plus, their strict “no d-bags allowed” policy will keep the haters away. DOOR ¥2500 (2D)

Snack Mama Release Party

House of Crazy in Toyohashi from 19:30

Something for the adventurous few of you looking for the best in rock music this Saturday; head to Toyohashi for the CD release party of Snack Mama, the best gaijin alt-rock band after Ghost of Matsubara, who, lucky you, will also be playing. DOOR ¥2000 which includes a free drink, and a copy of the new album!

Maximum Mod vol. 14

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 22:00

Much respect to the Factory for stepping out of their box with this night dedicated to the all-but-obscure fashion and music movement of the 60s. RandB, soul and British Beat music all night long with special guest DJ Chikusa from Osaka DOOR ¥2000


Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00

This progressive house party is back with main room action from DJs OGAWA and Babur with support from Nick Edges, Tom Langford and more. ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500 (1D)

Bob Marley’s 68th Birthday Celebration

X-Hall in Osu from 22:00

With live musical guests and a number of reggae DJs. DOOR ¥3500

Sunday 10

The Queers

Huck Finn in Imaike from 17:30

The Queers were putting punk lyrics and surfer rock melodies together long before Weezer, and yet they’ve remained relevant. DOOR ¥4000

The Rats

Shooters in Fushimi from 18:00

The only 90s rock cover band I will ever care about. They hold the record for biggest mosh pit ever started at Shooters, and I am certain the staff ain’t all too excited to have them back. Their energy and obvious love for grunge rock is infectious. Shooters usually charges a small fee for music, but it’s all goes to the band’s bar tab. Which is good; The Rats play better shitfaced.

Kuniyuki Takahashi Release Party

Club Mago in Shinsake from 22:00

To celebrate new music from this Sapporro deep house legend, Mago is throwing a huge party featuring live music from white white sisters and DEEPCOVER. There will also be several DJs and more live music on the VIO side. DOOR ¥3500

Hawaii Valentine Dinner

Lea Lea Hale in Fushimi from 20:00

Every time I think this “Hawaiian” restaurant/dead space is done for, someone in the community comes along and throws a party there. While the music from jazz ukulele great Juke OkaYoshi and the always cool Rudy and My People Band is a great incentive, the ¥5000 price seems a bit steep. Sure, you get all you can drink and eat, but it’s Lea Lea Hale food. You’ll be putting out a lot more then you take in; trust me.

Wednesday 13

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Club 3 Star in Imaike from 18:00

Besides being the best Goonies reference ever, this band has combined 2 terrible sounds to create something so mystifying I can’t wrap my brain around it fast enough to hate. Their song Captain Blood is what I imagine you’d get from dropping Blink 182 and Sepultura in a blender. DOOR ¥3500


Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

This death metal band’s music also makes a nice offering for that elder god who is just impossible to shop for. DOOR ¥6000

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