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Perusing the statistics of the last few years of the Events Calendar (bet you didn’t know I could do that), I noticed a disturbing trend.  While the venue and event websites get a lot of attention from the readers, very few, if any, of the artists’ pages were visited.  This is a shame.  Not even considering the time I put into locating the best music samples for nearly every noteworthy artist that plays Nagoya (and it is a LOT of time), you are robbing yourself of some great music.  I understand that you may not want to shell out hard-earned-yen for a band/DJ that you’ve never heard of before, but clicking the link is FREE!  You’ve got no excuse if you miss out on the smorgasbord of good music I’ve laid at your feet this week, including Rachael Dadd, Soul Clap or the Nagoya Bass Coalition.

What’s Got Me Buzz’n: enjoying the strange

I love it when a new club, bar or place-of-ill-repute opens in this city.  Besides taking odds on whether it will fly or fail, it is a much-needed break in the monotony that Nag-vegas can become after soooo many nights out.  And while Amateras looks poised to become the newest high-end lounge in an area already stupid with high-end lounges, I for one will enjoy the strange while it lasts.

On to the calendar!

Thursday, January 26

Wanna Be Child

Club JB’s in Sakae from 21:00

Ignore the fact that tomorrow is a work day, and come start your weekend early at this real house music party for real house music fans.  On this night you can catch the venerable DJ Take, one of the longest-running DJs in our community, whose love for a multitude of music is evidenced in every dance-inducing set he drops.  Stereophonic DJ Andy S. will also be there.  And if you arrive early enough, you might catch me spinning a bit.  ADV 1500 / DOOR 2000

Friday, January 27

Grand Opening Party

Amateras Lounge in Sakae on Friday and Saturday

From what little I can garner from their website, this stylish lounge could become a very popular addition to the Sakae nightlife.  They certainly are starting off with a bang, bringing two popular DJs to the decks for their grand opening weekend: Marc Panther (Friday) and DJ Kaori (Saturday).  ADV 3000 / DOOR 3500


Gen’s 2nd in Sakae from 23:00

But Amateras has a long way to go if they want to top last year’s new hotspot, Gen’s 2nd.  Their ultra-trendy atmosphere and popular international DJs are a hard combo to follow, as shown on this night with DJs PauloAtNight, dij and more.  WOMEN 1000 / MEN 2000

Epicurean Special

Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

Techno and house party featuring Belgium DJ Hermanez, Domina got some serious talent showcased this weekend!  ADV 2000 / DOOR 2500

Saturday, January 28

Rachael Dadd

Tokuzo in Imaike from 19:00
Last year I had the pleasure of sitting down with this very talented musician from Bristol, England to talk about her gorgeous folk songs and equally lovely art.  She’s returning this month with a new album, Bite The Mountain (the coolest video!), and she’s once again performing with one-man band superstar, ICHI, along with other special guests.  For more details, check out Tokuzo’s new English website.  DOOR 2500


Club JB’s in Sakae from 23:00
Grown a bit tired of banging dance floor anthems, I recently came across American DJ duo Soul Clap while researching subdued yet soulful house music.  I immediately fell in love with their style; best described as the soundtrack to walking the city streets at 3:00 AM, with scarcely a soul around, in a robot suit.  Seriously pleasing.  ADV 2500 / DOOR 3000


Club About in Sakae from 22:00
However great the international acts on this night are, they have a lot of competition from some local talent in the form of the Nagoya Bass Coalition: an amalgam of several DJs, producers and MCs who have one thing in common, a love for the lower registers.  Featuring the DJ duos of MOFONIX and Mayhem Men along with MCs Ago and THE THREAT (and many more), this night’s music will rattle your teeth and shake you to your very soul.  ADV 2000 / DOOR 2500 (1D)

Beat Fountains

Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

Kyoto DJ/musician Halfby is debuting his new CD Leaders Of The New School this weekend.  It’s a frenetic collection that switches between styles so effortlessly; it plays as if iTunes is stuck on shuffle.  ADV 2000 / DOOR 2500

Fuck Rock Festival, vol. 41

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 22:00

Those not a fan of Metallica, Green Day, AC/DC, Rancid and the like need not attend this regular party unless they want to have their faces rocked-off.  DOOR 2000

Black Berry

Gen’s 2nd in Sakae from 23:00

Over the past year, Gen’s 2nd has changed from a nice place to have dinner to an even nicer late night destination for a growing crowd of club kids.  Check it out for yourself this Saturday with DJ PauloAtNight backed by I-Cue and 034 with dancers and MCs.  MEN ¥ 2500 (3D) / WOMEN ¥1500 ( 2D )

Sunday, January 29

Harmonium Parlour

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 19:00

Semi-On’s open mic and art space is usually the best place to take an exploratory dip in Nagoya’s talent pool.  Artist and creative genius, Saddle Kobayashi will be setting up her stall in the gallery upstairs.  Be sure to check out her work!  And get there early if you want to get your name on the performance sign-up sheet.  DOOR 1000 (1D)

The Damned

Club Quattro in Sakae from 19:00

Unlike some of their younger counterparts, the gothic punk of this iconic band has really stood up to the decades.  It must have something to do with only releasing one album every 7 years.  DOOR 6000

Upcoming Events

Feb 4 Alien Invasion! @ Cavolo in Toyohashi
Feb 12 Swing Hearts Dance @ The Winter Garden
April 21 The Elevator @ The Red Rock


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