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The question being, what else ya got, Nag?

I’ve been touting a lot of bands and DJs this year, but not had a lot of chances to shine a light on other creative outlets. That’s partly due to a bias on my part as a DJ, and also because musicians are loud and they are everywhere. You can’t walk 100 yards in some parts of this town without coming across a live house or club. Painters, sculptors and their ilk tend to be more restrained. They don’t blow their own horn mostly because they don’t own one. They let their work speak for them, and there are not even that many galleries where they can be heard. It’s even more difficult for foreign artists, whether due to a language or cultural barrier. Enter the Foreign Art Exhibit, Aichi’s largest gathering of gaijin artists. For almost 30 years, the dedicated folks of the FAE have been giving our community a place to display their most talented. All mediums are welcome, and there will be several opportunities during the week-long exhibit to meet with some of the more than 60 artists in attendance.

For a quieter but no less refreshing dip in the talent pool, check out the FAE this week.

On To The Calendar

Thursday 5

Foreign Artist Exhibition 28

The International Center until December 8

Continuing until this Sunday on the fourth floor of the Nagoya International Center there will be a FREE exhibition of local foreign talent of a wide variety of media types. An annual tradition, the exhibit features over 60 artists from around the world. It’s the perfect opportunity to see just how much talent there is in our community. The exhibit closes at 19:00 each night, except for Sunday when it closes early at 17:00.


Apollo Theater in Shinsakae from 19:00

One reason I love this job is all the great music I discover. I may have to dig through a lot of crap to get to the gold, but much like the challenging, experimental music of this American folk band, it is well worth the effort. DOOR ¥5000

Friday 6


Club Mago in Shinsakae from 23:00

Featuring German DJ Thomas Melchior, if that means anything to you… DOOR ¥3000


Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative for dance this Friday, then you’re going to dig the mixing skills of DJ Chris Ollier for the shockingly low-low price of ¥1500

Saturday 7

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 21:00 | ¥1,500)

Attention children of the 80s, this celebration of all things totally rad to the max is your best chance every month to relive the joy of new wave music, Jordache jeans and perms. DOOR ¥1500 (1D)


Club About in Sakae from 22:00

German DJ Luis Ortiz has a new album of I-want-to-say dance music? I’ll be honest. I got nothing. DOOR ¥2500

Nagoya International Speed Dating

Shooters in Fuhimi from 18:00

Being alone for the holidays can be rough. If you can’t get a single date for Christmas, then how about 30? This seasonal Nagoya Friends event allows people from all over the world to come together and judge one another based on 10 minutes of conversation. Ain’t it romantic?


Apollo Theater in Shinsakae from 18:00

I saw this Tokyo band 6 years ago, and I still keep note every time they visit Nagoya. There’s just something about hearing the kowa-kawaii Chiori screaming into a mic live. DOOR ¥2500

Sunday 8

Nagoya Players Auditions

Shooters in Fushimi from 11:00

Next April, The Nagoya Players presents 12 directed by Will Taylor, based on the classic story, Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose. They are holding open auditions this Sunday for both cast and crew members, men and women age 18 and up. The group welcomes everyone to audition or assist, regardless of previous theater experience. Auditions will be composed of a cold reading and a small interview. This is another great chance to get involved in the increasingly vibrant theatre scene in Nagoya.

Christmas Swing

Shooters in Fushimi from 18:00

Baby, it’s cold outside! So what better way to warm yourself up and celebrate the holiday season than with a bit of dancing?! Nagoya Swings warmly extends its swinging hand to all people to cut a rug with them! The event features a dance lesson with a DJ in the front room. And also feel free to deck yourself in Christmas colors or clothes if you’re feeling festive! DOOR ¥500

Nagoya Pub Quiz

The Elephant’s Nest in Fushimi from 19:45

One of Nagoya’s oldest British style pubs, The Nest is host to this fairly regular pub quiz. You can put together a team of your brightest friends, and take on the challenge of 7 rounds of questions. This month the theme is, of course, Christmas, so brush up on your holiday trivia. Entry is ¥1000 with the proceeds going to charity, and the prizes to be won include drink tickets and other stuff less important than free alcohol.

Monday 9

Duncan Redmonds

Huck Finn in Imaike from 18:30

If you strip away the loud drums and electric guitars that keep older people away from punk rock, sometimes the genius shines through. Ex-frontman for the UK band SNUFF, Duncan Redmonds’ acoustic take on his and other seminal punk songs from the 80s and 90s could convert even the curmudgeonliest fogey. DOOR ¥2300

Wednesday 11


Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:30

Man. I don’t want to hate on Cansei de Ser Sexy. I love their debut album, but that was 7 years ago. Their newest outing Planta is a far cry from that groundbreaking record, and I don’t think it warrants a $60 ticket price. DOOR ¥6000


Club 3Star in Imaike from 16:30 | ¥4,000)

This French Canadian death metal ba-HAHAHA! I’m sorry. I just cannot finish that sentence. I keep picturing a guy screaming into the mic bilingually. DOOR ¥4000


December 31 The Obvious Circus’ Triple Countdown Party!

*details to come


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